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Not going into work

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Iremembertheelderlykoreanlady · 17/03/2020 09:25

I'm in the at risk group, so is OH.

We work in the same place (goverment department)

He's gone in today but I'm not. I'm too scared. Yesterday in the office people were coughing all over the place.

I may well lose my job because of this but to be honest I'm past caring. My health and my son's health comes first.

I suffer from health anxiety anyway so my mental health is not in a good place right now.

As me and OH are both high risk I think I'm going to pull my son out of school from tomorrow.

If work (again, goverment...the ones who have told us to WFH and self isolate ffs!) Will let me work from home then great. If not I'll get signed off with anxiety. Zero pay after 3 weeks. Fab

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