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What are those doing who have a partner who will be working.

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Shosha1 · 17/03/2020 06:25

I have underlying conditions so am stating at home. But DH is a lorry driver for a company who provide relief drivers. He will be working throughout.
We have nowhere that I can go, family live a hour away and DH cant go else where.
We are lucky that we live in a bungalow that the bathroom is opposite the front door, spare room to the right if it.
DH is stripping in there, straight into the bathroom, showering then coming back out wiping handles as he goes. Then coming into the rest if the house.
We are hoping this is enough.
How are the rest if you coping?

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parrotonmyshoulder · 17/03/2020 06:32

We were going to do as you describe - DH is a doctor - but then the 14 day isolation came in and DS got ill, so we’re all self isolating instead.
We have a biggish house though with spare rooms he could have avoided us in.

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