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How the hell are we supposed to isolate for 14 days...

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Crunchymum · 16/03/2020 21:40

When there are no supermarkets deliveries / no essentials in store?

We haven't stockpiled or panic bought so we don't have 14 days worth of supplie

Thankfully hypothetical at the moment but with 2 primary aged kids, it's a matter of time.

OP posts:

jbiscuits · 17/03/2020 07:36

There's loads of community groups being set up on FB offering to help people. We've just set up one for our toddler group to help people and keep each other company! If you have a local church there will probably be people there willing to help if you're stuck indoors too. It's just getting past the uncomfort of asking for help in the first place!


LittleBearPad · 17/03/2020 21:28

To be picky - there is food you can buy in your pictures. You’re going to need to try different shops and go first thing or late when they’ve been restocked.


Rebellenny · 17/03/2020 22:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion · 17/03/2020 23:00

I went shopping tonight. Felt bad buying my normal shop because the shelfs are bare. Went to 4 different supermarkets not a single loaf in any of them, so I've no bread. Found milk in the last one a went to so gelot some of that. Bread, milk, toilet roll and pasta..... None. Don't know what we will do if we have to self isolate. Both self employed and shops can't deliver food if they don't have the food in stock.


Iminaglasscaseofemotion · 17/03/2020 23:03

Oh and barley any meat. Only managed to get some bacon and the sausages no one else wants, hardly any veg.

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