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How the hell are we supposed to isolate for 14 days...

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Crunchymum · 16/03/2020 21:40

When there are no supermarkets deliveries / no essentials in store?

We haven't stockpiled or panic bought so we don't have 14 days worth of supplie

Thankfully hypothetical at the moment but with 2 primary aged kids, it's a matter of time.

OP posts:
Ladyglitterfairydust · 16/03/2020 21:52

No idea, but we’re the same (dc age 7 and 4) plus dh and I are both teachers. Bet all those panic buyers are feeling nice and smug now. We’re fine for now, but definitely don’t have 2 weeks worth of stuff in. Maybe about a week or so.

RhymingRabbit3 · 16/03/2020 21:53

Ask someone to go shopping for you? There is still food in the shops, you might have to be a bit creative. Pasta and sauce is the obvious easy and cheap thing to buy, but there isnt a rule about isolation meaning you're only allowed to eat pasta.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 16/03/2020 21:53

Start shouting for help! Post on social media, ask friends and family. People will rally, I know I would.

AnneJeanne · 16/03/2020 21:54

The markets will restock.

Someonesayroadtrip · 16/03/2020 21:57

I agree OP. Here there are no deliveries with any super market. They are just full for 2 weeks. How will that work?

ScribblingMilly · 16/03/2020 21:58

Ask for help on your local Facebook group - people are falling over themselves to offer help where I live.

Haworthia · 16/03/2020 21:58

Ask friends/family to drop some groceries on your doorstep.

Whohasnickedmyvodka · 16/03/2020 21:59

Both my kids have coughs so I'm going to have to I'm really scared

amymel2016 · 16/03/2020 22:00

Ask friends and family to drop it at your door, put a message on the local FB group, the supermarkets are restocking everyday with most items so you’ve got plenty of time to pick stuff up.

I’m in one of the vulnerable groups and looking at 12 weeks of quarantine!

pigoons · 16/03/2020 22:02

Seriously? get a friend or neighbour to help. Do click and collect but ask someone else to collect. Buy some staples now that will keep. We won't be eating well in our house but we'll be eating ...

BookSkark · 16/03/2020 22:05

Someone in our road did a letterbox drop and now we've set up a street WhatsApp. Not using it yet, but the idea is that if someone does have to self-isolate, the rest of us will help with food shopping and vice versa. I can easily chuck a few more bits into my trolley and leave them on someone's step.

CakeOnMe · 16/03/2020 22:09

If all else fails, companies like Deliveroo have Co-op, Budgens etc as an option. You can get deliveries delivered through there within 30 mins

forkfun · 16/03/2020 22:10

If you need help, ask for it. If you can help, offer it.

Branleuse · 16/03/2020 22:10

Use your brexit stash.

Oblomov20 · 16/03/2020 22:17

No delivery's or click and collect with any supermarket here, for the next 3 weeks. Nothing.
Not very helpful.

TheGreatWave · 16/03/2020 22:22

Firstly look in all in the cupboards and freezer and write down what you do have.

Then consider what type of meals you could make with what you have.

Then write a list of what is needed and what you needed extra of. It seems that the large supermarkets are being stripped bare, but the smaller local shops and the bargain type shops are still well stocked. I did well at Farmfoods the other day for example.

Get a couple of weeks worth of food built up and then replace as you go along.

I realise that some people have cash flow issues, but if you are in a position to get a bit more in than do so, Buying a couple of jars of pasta sauce is not panic buying, but can go towards a 2 week meal plan.

BettyIsMyFavouriteSquirrel · 16/03/2020 22:22

Check if you have a local milkman, ours delivers all sorts of stuff and you order it online up to 9pm the night before for the next day.

lljkk · 16/03/2020 22:25

some of my local corner shops are offering delivery services. Expensive but something not nothing... advertised on local Facebook.

WE don't even have Uber out here in the provinces, never mind flippin' Deliveroo. Large Sainsbury's was out of baked beans and wholemeal bread today.

Pipandmum · 16/03/2020 22:28

When they started talking about it a few weeks ago a bought an extra packet or two of things like pasta and tuna and rice and some things for the freezer when doing a normal shop. One can prepare without stockpiling loads. If it comes down to it our meals might get a bit boring but we certainly won't be hungry.
Here there's no shortage of anything, one store might be low on pasta but have plenty of another thing and the next may have pasta but not alot of something else.
I haven't formally joined a group but my friends are all happy to help get things in for each other if need be. I'm sure you have a few who'll help you out and vice versa.

PumpkinP · 16/03/2020 22:30

People are so deluded on here. Not everyone has friends or family that can help 🙄

Inkpaperstars · 16/03/2020 22:31

I think there will soon be nationwide or local networks set up for delivering to those isolating. It is going to be a critical issue for months.

Iaccidentlykillplants · 16/03/2020 22:32

The chemist is not delivering prescription medication during the crisis, even for the housebound. We weren't told until we rang to ask where the delivery was. I am very lucky my OH could get my medicine for me today. What about those who don't have any one to help. I would be very scared asking a stranger for help.

BreathlessCommotion · 16/03/2020 22:32

But presumably you have neighbours, people that live in your proximity?

MrsKoala · 16/03/2020 22:33

I’m kind of feeling like this too op. My 2 ds have really restricted diets so while I could cobble something together that I could eat I can’t feed them if there is none of the stuff they eat in our shops again tomorrow. I am at the end of our month so the cupboards are fairly bare and I was planning my big monthly shop on Friday.

Iaccidentlykillplants · 16/03/2020 22:35

I don't know the neighbours and I can't get past the front door. There are unfortunately lots of people in this position.

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