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Come on own up - have you?

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NowWhatUsernameShallIHave · 15/03/2020 17:51

There was an poll that said a good percentage of people are not changing their everyday behaviour.

So the question is if you have have had any of the symptoms stated, have you still bed going out and why?

This is also not to bash those who have just wondering as I’m there are those with no choice.
Eg I am a single mum with parents over 70. I have a blood disorder which means I have to go for regular blood transfusions, otherwise I will eventually die. I also don’t have anyone to take my child regularly to school and back, or to do my shopping.

For the record I haven’t had symptoms

OP posts:

TiddyTid · 15/03/2020 22:47

Self isolating not because I have symptoms of CV but because I have shingles. GP advised.


Opendraw · 15/03/2020 22:53

I felt crap like I was fighting off a cold and it’s developed into a very sore throat no fever occasional cough once it’s bed time. I don’t feel too bad . I understood that fever was the key ... not a sore throat


Igotthemheavyboobs · 15/03/2020 22:54

So symptoms and not self isolating. Have not noticed a change in people's behaviour when out and about, shelves in lidl still fully stocked if not a bit busier. I am washing my hands more than usual and the sanitiser is making my skin dry AF.

All the hysteria I have seen has been on here, even fb is quite chill.


Igotthemheavyboobs · 15/03/2020 22:54

**No symptoms that should read not so symptoms!


joystir59 · 15/03/2020 22:59

Extra cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen, loads of hand washing, regular disinfecting of touch points around the home, social distancing (some). Only worried because partner is on chemo.


MichaelBoobins · 15/03/2020 23:26

I have social anxiety so don't tend to go out that much anyway. I go to work two days a week, go to the supermarket when I need to and drop Dd to and from school which is across the road. That's about it. I've been washing my hands more, using hand sanitiser on public transport and desperately trying to avoid touching my face!


Jaxhog · 15/03/2020 23:29

Over 60 and Diabetic. I am social isolating as of this weekend, washing hands more and spending more time on the Internet (online meetings). I hadn't thought about Vit D - but will now spend more time in the garden (skipping). Switching to online groceries, although will probably do a bit of extra shopping too, depending on what actually gets delivered this week.


Jaxhog · 15/03/2020 23:31

I was in London last weekend and saw people wearing masks and using hand gel. Not many though.


Happygirl79 · 15/03/2020 23:34

Washing hands more frequently
Cautious about interaction with others
Panicking actually
But trying to pretend all is ok


Daffie19 · 15/03/2020 23:42

I've been ill with I don't know what, I've been self isolating the last 5 days.

Started Tuesday with a sore throat, Wednesday with a cough, and temp of 38.9 but felt OK.
Wednesday night symptoms got worse, achy, chesty, coughing, worst headache, temp 39, chills, fever.
Thursday called 111, and got emergency GP appointment, no face to face due to symptoms, telephone doc said, maybe chest infection, maybe laringitis, maybe c19 but unlikely.
Antibiotics given, only tonight im feeling a bit better!

I have been for one or two walks where I knew I wouldn't see anyone though, had to get out the house, self isolating isn't fun with a toddler!!!

Ill do the full 7 days then call health at work to see what the rules are (nurse).

Defo practicing social distancing from now on!

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