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Come on own up - have you?

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NowWhatUsernameShallIHave · 15/03/2020 17:51

There was an poll that said a good percentage of people are not changing their everyday behaviour.

So the question is if you have have had any of the symptoms stated, have you still bed going out and why?

This is also not to bash those who have just wondering as I’m there are those with no choice.
Eg I am a single mum with parents over 70. I have a blood disorder which means I have to go for regular blood transfusions, otherwise I will eventually die. I also don’t have anyone to take my child regularly to school and back, or to do my shopping.

For the record I haven’t had symptoms

OP posts:
NowWhatUsernameShallIHave · 15/03/2020 17:52
  • been not bed
OP posts:
NowWhatUsernameShallIHave · 15/03/2020 22:03


OP posts:
Fatasfooook · 15/03/2020 22:04

No symptoms but have still been practising social distancing as much as possible

WinterCat · 15/03/2020 22:05

Also social distancing and being careful.

ElizabethMountbatten · 15/03/2020 22:05

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the request of the OP.

Brenna24 · 15/03/2020 22:06

We have stopped going to church and toddler groups. We are definitely starting social distancing now.

Isadora2007 · 15/03/2020 22:06

No symptoms. No changes. I am a bit of an emetophobe so always wash hands obsessively anyway.

confusedandtired99 · 15/03/2020 22:07

My children aren’t going to school and we are only going to work and the occasional shop. We don’t have any symptoms but we are socially distancing ourselves now.

PheasantPlucker1 · 15/03/2020 22:09

Been feeling achy, exhausted and chesty since friday. Occasional cough, temp between 37-37.6. Self isolated this weekend, didnt see my parents.

Work as a teacher, they have told me to go in. Business as usual.

IrisAtwood · 15/03/2020 22:09

I have two major heart conditions and asthma, so yes, my behaviour has completely changed. I only go out once a day to walk around the park and have stopped meeting friends.

IrisAtwood · 15/03/2020 22:11

@PheasantPlucker1 I think that it is totally irresponsible to have been told to go into school.

If it were me, my temperature would be over 38.5 and my cough more persistent this evening.

IrisAtwood · 15/03/2020 22:13

@ElizabethMountbatten Apparently a very sore throat is frequently the start of C19.

Flairhead · 15/03/2020 22:13

I haven't changed anything. I'm single, no kids, had no symptoms, been going to work as normal. I'm off work this week and I'm away visiting my dad, who's also carrying on as normal.

AlexaShutUp · 15/03/2020 22:13

No symptoms but I am washing my hands frequently and trying to do as much social distancing as possible - though this is tricky with work and open plan offices etc. I have stopped seeing my elderly parents, except to drop off supplies.

To be honest, I wish I could just self isolate for a few months, but I need to work so it isn't really an option.

managedmis · 15/03/2020 22:14

Spoke to my parents in the UK and they haven't changed their behaviour at all Confused

Went to a northern soul do last night, hundreds of people Hmm

Pinkarsedfly · 15/03/2020 22:16

DH and I are avoiding the gym.
Social distancing.
Handwashing like mad.
Taking extra strength vitamin D.

Not much else we can do Sad

Pinkarsedfly · 15/03/2020 22:16

Oh yes, not visiting my poor old mum. Her carehome is in lockdown.

OhioOhioOhio · 15/03/2020 22:17

Bought more shopping than normal. Washing hands a bit more. Apart from that nothing different.

Mashedpotatobutty · 15/03/2020 22:19

No symptoms. No health problems. Being extra vigilant with hand hygiene and practicing social distancing as much as possible with work and school ages children. I’m extremely worried over my elderly relatives and taking precautions for them.

HonestlyItsFine · 15/03/2020 22:19

Social distancing as much as I can and washing my hands a lot more than usual.
No symptoms.

NotStayingIn · 15/03/2020 22:20

Pretty much been doing the same as before. Dinners, pub, theatre, gym. And all places just as busy as before. I’m in London.

As I’m feeling completely fine and not going near vulnerable people I have been acting as normal as per government advice. (Obviously washing hands more etc)

okiedokieme · 15/03/2020 22:21

Had muscle aches, headache and slight sore throat but was just dehydration from a hangover and exercise yesterday. The key is fever I have been told. Not planning on stopping doing stuff unless forced to

NotDisclosedToday · 15/03/2020 22:21

Only go to the gym at quieter times now. Erm, thats it.

forrasee · 15/03/2020 22:26

No symptoms and no change. I'm in London and haven't noticed anything different. Barely seen a mask and not seen one person using hand sanitiser.

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet · 15/03/2020 22:46

I have asthma and a stinking cold (pretty sure that's all it is) so I'm not going shopping, to church or to visit friends. It's lambing season here though, and the potatoes will need to be planted soon, so I still have to do outside work. There's no danger to other people from that though, since I'm in the far away corner or a far away field most of the time.

There are no reported cases of coronavirus in my county but it seems best to just stay away from people for now. One of my children has been off school for a few days as well- also probably just a cold, but this doesn't seem to be the right time to moan about that.

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