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Resigned to dying?

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alloutoffucks · 15/03/2020 13:58

I have an underlying health condition that makes me very vulnerable to this virus. No I am not at death's door. I am 50, have two kids and work part-time. But if I get this virus the likelihood I will die is high.

The government's plan is for most people to get this virus so nothing has been tried to stop it. Not even encouraging wfh and social distancing. I may have already got it for all I know.

So what the fuck should I do while I am still well to help my kids for what I think has a high chance of happening. Please don't tell me it won't. If I catch it, from everything I have read, I will probably die. But there must be things I can do for my kids to make it a bit easier for them?
And before you criticise me for being on MN, they are out with their dad at the moment. I am avoiding going out. I will be spending time with them when they get back.

OP posts:

ellanwood · 15/03/2020 14:43

OP are you fully informed about all the ways to prevent catching it and to kill it off if you do? In your position, i'd ensure I had both types of inhaler. I'd use First Defense every single day and put Vicks or at least vaseline around my nostrils. Drink lots and lots of water, hot teas and soups as according to Italian and Japanese info, if you can flush the virus into your stomach, away from your lungs, it won't survive the stomach acid.

But really, I think the degree of panic that the media has instilled everywhere is disgraceful. This is a bad flu virus. They come around all the time and we still function. I've yet to read a reliable source explaining why and how this is so radically different from any other flu that does the rounds.


SilverySurfer · 15/03/2020 14:47

Like you OP, I have several health issues and getting this virus would put me at serious risk. Unlike you, I in my 70s and have no fucking intention of dying. I will do whatever is necessary to prevent that happening. Also unlike you I don't have children who I would have thought would be a major motivation but you go right ahead.



PurpleDaisies · 15/03/2020 14:48

Drink lots and lots of water, hot teas and soups as according to Italian and Japanese info, if you can flush the virus into your stomach, away from your lungs, it won't survive the stomach acid.

Japanese and Italian scientists have said this?!


Bagelsandbrie · 15/03/2020 14:51

No no the hot soup / drink thing is nonsense. We don’t just breathe the virus in through our mouths do we? Unless you’re pouring hot soup up your nostrils as well ....?! It’s been proven to be an urban myth.


BritWifeinUSA · 15/03/2020 14:55

I’m curious as to what this condition is that means you will die from Coronavirus but are not at risk of any other respiratory virus. That’s odd.


BlackSwan · 15/03/2020 15:06

This isn't cancer. Stop catastrophising. You don't even have it yet.


UserV · 15/03/2020 15:06


You'll be fine Flowers

And you don't need to make excuses for being on mumsnet. (While the kids are with their dad.) You are entitled to me-time.

Do you think any man ever feels guilty about doing shit that excludes his wife and kids?!!!

Take care, be safe, and you'll be fine. Smile


ViciousJackdaw · 15/03/2020 16:07

I will trust specialists in my condition over randoms on the internet that won't even have heard of my rare condition

Then why the hell are you posting then? Do you just want people to join in with your catastrophising?

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