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Ways to keep in touch and stay sane

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FromTheAllotment · 15/03/2020 09:37

I am trying to think about ways that I can use FaceTime to help my DC (and myself and DH) get some social contact when we are inevitably either self isolating and social distancing.

I’d like to have specific goals rather than just phoning for a chat which can be a bit vague and aimless if people don’t really have much to say other than “well this is shit”.

So far I have:
Get my DM to hear DD read via FT
Set up mealtime “play dates” by FaceTiming some of DD’s friends
Set up a group WhatsApp for the children with their friends (supervised obvs, mine are 6 and 3 so this would all be on parents’ phones and overseen) - should help with their spelling though
DD’s school has a website where the teachers publish the children’s work, I’m hoping we’ll be allowed to upload to that and they can comment on each other’s

Anyone else got any ideas?

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