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Lack of testing

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clairethewitch70 · 13/03/2020 22:06

This lack of testing is crap. We know it is to keep the numbers down but there are positives about people knowing if they have this disease or not. I don't believe that we can get it twice unmutated, so surely the people who recover and then get a negative test can safely form Boris's army of volunteers? Also people may get a mild dose and not sure if they have it? They live in fear as they do not know they have actually had it. They can go back to work safely after they recover and had negatives tests. I know it is all down to numbers, costs and that the treatment would not change but sometimes the need to know is important for wellbeing and mental health too? (BTW my degree is in health & social policy and specifically epidemiology and world health albeit in the 1990's)

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