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Aibu to curtail our movements for now?

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Hairwizard · 13/03/2020 11:38

Been thinking this morning now that shit is getting very real that its time to start the social distancing stuff.
So far that will be :
No swimming class for ds. I rang them today and they are still on??
Keeping ds away from dps gym (usually goes with daddy down to gym on a fri cos finishes early)
Dp yest announced gym remaining open for time being but with the handwashing etcHmm just fucking shut it down. No one NEEDS to be in the gym and def not at min.
My folks visit us usually once a week. Due up on tues. Coming from a city. Im.calling them later to tell them to stay where they are.
Sil is a nurse in a hospital. She needs to stay away i think.
Bil is a prison officer, i think same should apply to him
Debating if i should keep dd off nursery from mon.
No vistors to house (even family)
Obv schools not closed yet.
No dance class for ds tmw.
Obvs no public germ factories like softolay etc tmw. (Normally i get the weans out of the house on a sat but given the situ at min probs best not.)

I kinda feel like im overreacting a bit but boyh sets of dgp have underlying health issues, my dtw boys were 6 weeks early and as such are prone to coughs etc and not long after a spell in hospital.
Am i going mad or does above seem reasonable.

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