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Whether to avoid doctors' waiting rooms?

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bringincrazyback · 12/03/2020 22:34

I'm probably being OTT, but I'm just uneasy now things are panning out the way they are.

I'm due a routine appointment at the doc's tomorrow for something completely unrelated. I don't have any symptoms of coronavirus and nor does anyone in our house, so I'm not worried about spreading anything, I'm worried about the potential of being spread to, if you see what I mean. I just keep thinking, if someone else in the waiting room has it, has ignored the advice not to come to the doctor's, has come anyway and decides to sit near me/cough near me... if I caught it I don't have the greatest immune system, and am asthmatic, so it is a worry. DH and I also have my 80-year-old mum living with us, whose health isn't exactly robust, so that's a worry too.

I'm probably being neurotic, and I don't want to mess them about by rescheduling, but I can't help feeling a little twitchy. To help me get some perspective on this, are others feeling worried about environments like doctors' waiting rooms atm?

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