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It's different for me...

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Cottagepieandpeas · 12/03/2020 13:01

I'm sure this sort of thing has been mentioned on here before...but I'm cross.

Someone I know works on an hourly basis, going from one place to another. Has been to a place today for a few hours, in the middle of her working time there she was told that unfortunately they were having to close down because someone has tested positive.
She doesn't seem to have made any further enquiries - just left - and is now saying she doesn't need to worry because it 'probably' wasn't one of the people she was working with. She's not going to self isolate.

This is the trouble. All of us have a reason why t 'probably' won't affect us, and it's a bit annoying to disrupt your life. But there are people who will die as a result of these selfish actions. Grrr

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