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Who is keeping their children home from school from next week?

151 replies

Babyfairy0923 · 07/03/2020 15:25

Not looking for a debate I’m just asking how many people are now keeping their children home from school or seriously considering it?

OP posts:

Devlesko · 07/03/2020 16:48


How do you know? We haven't closed anywhere and giving virus full reign. It will be at peak GCSE time, doubt it'll happen tbh. Predicted and Mocks or delayed until November is my bet.


Langbannedforsafeguardingkids · 07/03/2020 16:48

No. This could go on for months and months. Then start up again next Winter.You can’t just put your entire life and your kids’ lives on hold for a year. No-one but no-one is suggesting this. Eventually probably most people will get this - but there's a big difference to that happening all at once and there being no hospital beds and doing it over a longer period with a fully functioning NHS.

It will be about 4 -6 weeks or so I'd guess - it's to flatten the peak and help the NHS cope. See my previous post.


cultkid · 07/03/2020 16:50

I have kept my son off nursery for two days and he won't be in next week
I can't risk it
If my husband gets sick he won't be able to work. We are self employed.
My husband works alone


Babyfairy0923 · 07/03/2020 16:51

@cultkid we are in the same position. It’s a difficult choice!

OP posts:

bellinisurge · 07/03/2020 16:51

Nope. Unless/until school is closed dd is going to school.


Helenj1977 · 07/03/2020 16:52

Considering it if we have cases in our area x


Looneytune253 · 07/03/2020 16:53

Surely no one? That would just be hysterical surely!! Calm down


vodkaredbullgirl · 07/03/2020 16:54

If mine were still at school, I would still send them.


Looneytune253 · 07/03/2020 16:56

@cultkid surely whether your son goes to nursery or not has no bearing on whether your dh gets ill? Unless neither of you are going anywhere or speaking to anyone as you're more likely to catch it out and about yourself


chinateapot · 07/03/2020 16:56

My daughter is on chemo and will be going to school, in line with oncology advice


Nicepud · 07/03/2020 17:02

I'm still sticking to my 3 (was 2 until yesterday) cut off points for taking dc out if school.

We could very easily totally self-isolate (and no, I don't mean relying on delivery drivers for food, or broadband to keep the dc amused Hmm)

  1. More than double figures locally.

2. A case of dc or parent at school.

3. Parliament closes becaus they know the shit is about to hit the fan.

Any if that hapoens and I am removing dd from school, deregistering if necessary. She is only year 2 and due to go to another school in Sept anyway.

Ds would also be taken out if nursery.

Hoping it doesn't come to that, but seeing as we are following fellow EU countries tradjectories I think it is sensible to expect it will.

AParallelUniverse · 07/03/2020 17:03

Ok- perhaps I’m being hasty- my husband is in an at risk group- would that change anyone’s answer?

Not sure. Maybe. I'd speak to the school about it.


Falcor40 · 07/03/2020 17:06

I'm severely immunocompromised

I'm sending my kids in next week.

I wouldn't send them in though if they had a sick bug going through the school.


Falcor40 · 07/03/2020 17:10

Also. Corona viruses have been around since the 60's


HeyPizza · 07/03/2020 17:16

I think it's probably good in the long-term, that children get exposed to the virus, as it's not been reported to be harmful to them - but may hopefully provide some immunity to them in the future (eg if the virus mutates and gets worse).

Not good for them to spread it to family though of course, for obvious reasons. So it's a difficult balance ... if I had a family member who was immunosuppressed, I would try to keep them isolated and away from the kids. Not easy I know, but no easy solution exists.


ChicCroissant · 07/03/2020 17:25

There is no point in taking the children out of school unless the whole family isolate though - otherwise what is the point? I don't think it's worth doing anyway, we are going to have this virus for months.


Aragog · 07/03/2020 17:32

No. Teen dd will be going in as normal - she has A levels coming up and can't afford to miss any more lessons really. She is already having to miss sessions for university interviews in other cities.

I work in an infant school and will be going in as normal. Although I am immunosuppressed due to a medical condition and its medication, there is no way I could just not turn up.


Devlesko · 07/03/2020 17:35

OP, look at the excluded after school trip thread. I don't think it will be long now, parents are keeping their kids off, especially those who haven't been on the trips themselves.


Alwayscheerful · 07/03/2020 17:36

OP do you have any known cases your area?


SleepingStandingUp · 07/03/2020 17:45

I have kept my son off nursery for two days and he won't be in next week. I can't risk it. If my husband gets sick he won't be able to work. We are self employed. My husband works alone
Week far easier to pull a nursery child out than a Gcse or a level pupil.
Out of interest how long are you able to isolate the three of you at home for? Are you prepared to not leave the house for months?


Rocketmam · 07/03/2020 17:47

Are you prepared to not leave the house for months?

We are, but like pp my criteria for pulling out of school/completely isolating hasn't been met yet.


cultkid · 07/03/2020 17:55

I can go to the woods and beach
I get shopping online
I am prepared to ask Ocado to leave on my door step
I have loads of supplies in

I only work few hours a month


Redcrayons · 07/03/2020 18:04

@Devlesko how do you know they won't happen? I've got exam timetables, I've got school telling me its business as usual, government advice is to carry on. The school is currently in the middle of mocks. Not to mention that keeping them at home with no good reason may result in a fine I can't afford. Until the school closes its doors, then mine will be there.


Shopkinsdoll · 07/03/2020 18:06

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Grumpbum123 · 07/03/2020 18:07

I’m in an at risk group and I’m sending my children onto school and carrying on with life as normal

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