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HJWT · 07/03/2020 12:25

Will it still be safe to breastfeed if I catch corona ? There are cases round the corner from me so its more likely at this point that DD will bring it home from nursery.

My DS wont take a bottle so I cant self isolate from him either!

Please don't leave nasty comments, just asking incase 🤪

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LeeMiller · 07/03/2020 12:32

La Leche League advice is to keep breastfeeding.

userabcname · 07/03/2020 12:39

Yep. In the vast majority of cases of any illness, the best thing you can possibly do is keep feeding. Not only is breastmilk the best in terms of nutrition, it will also boost your child's immunity and provide antibodies to whatever you have. It is magic stuff!

Littlemissdaredevil · 07/03/2020 12:42

I bf my DD and I am intended on BFing my second when he makes an appearance. I’m assuming that if I get Coronavirus my body will make antibodies which will then pass to baby through my milk. If I bf then I don’t have to worry about going to the supermarket whilst ill or finding that the shelves have been stripped bare of formula!

Isadora2007 · 07/03/2020 12:43

Yes. Keep breastfeeding! Even if you get ill- keep feeding.

Stripeyshirts2450 · 07/03/2020 16:35

Bbc news have said reseachers say keep breastfeeding.

HJWT · 08/03/2020 03:38

Brill! Thanks everyone 🥰

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