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To have just stocked up on loo roll and canned foods

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FckBoris · 03/03/2020 14:51

Just been to tesco and brought loads of loo roll, cans rice and pasta, got home and dh has said im overreacting.

Aibu, this is stuff we already use just a bit more of it.

OP posts:

ByeMF · 05/03/2020 17:56

I was in Lidl this afternoon. Full shelves and loads of bog roll. I think you'd have to be pretty unreasonable not to have a couple of weeks worth of essentials in just in case you need to self isolate.
Me and the kids are crossing fingers we have to stay at home for a fortnight. As long as we're not ill it will be bliss. But that's because we have chocolate and crisps in our stores too Wink


Cohle · 05/03/2020 18:34

It seems perfectly sensible to have a few weeks basic supplies. If a large percentage of the population does become infected at once, as seems increasingly possible, then shops/delivery services will likely struggle.

I don't think sensible, reasonable foresight is "panic buying". A bit of light prep now could ease the burden on me and everyone else down the line.


MrHodgeymaheg · 05/03/2020 18:47

Given that people are already panic buying, I guess you need to panic buy for that purpose, especially if you have kids.

You can buy what you want to buy. It is your choice.


MrHodgeymaheg · 05/03/2020 18:58

I'm just going to Netflicks and chill with my banging headache, hunger pangs and pooey bum. As long as I keep my upper lip stiff and keep coming on here to mock the preppers I will be fine and I'm sure my kids who are both under 5 will be too. Confused

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