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Conflict in the Middle East

Found this under my floorboards today...

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Gloschick · 04/12/2023 21:06

A newspaper dated November 1948.
75 years later, and sadly the headlines have not moved on.

Found this under my floorboards today...
OP posts:
ChickHenLittle · 04/12/2023 22:30

Wow! I fear that in decades to come we'll still see similar headlines. I'm hopeful a lasting solution can be found where both 'sides' can live peacefully with no more loss of life, but it seems so out of reach just now.

GoingOffOnATangent · 04/12/2023 22:34

That's an incredibly interesting find!
The roots of this conflict go back a long long way. But some players in it also exploit the history for their own ends, and as always it's the people at the bottom of the pile who lose out. 😭

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