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Conflict in the Middle East

Is anyone in Israel right now?

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mollyfolk · 03/11/2023 22:17

What’s it like on the ground in Israel? I’ve read the odd thing like the families of the hostages not happy with the government but are there protests? Are people largely behind the government on their response?

I’m just interested in getting a first person view.

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emsie12345 · 03/11/2023 23:26

I'm in the UK but have old friends in the North and Tel Aviv. I spent a year or so on a kibbutz and I was there during 9/11. They are very, very scared. They are outraged at the whole thing. Mostly atheists who are late 30's early 40's, never been voters for the current party in government. They don't post anything political on SM out of fear but staying in touch privately.

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