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Conflict in the Middle East

Journalists in Gaza

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EasterIssland · 02/11/2023 21:56

Today another journalist with his family has been killed in south west by an air strike , an area that is “classified” as safe by Israel. Total amount of journalists killed in less than a month : 35. Many others have had family members killed. Not many are in Gaza at the moment , so each death of a journalist feels like a way to keep them quiet

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EasterIssland · 02/11/2023 22:48

And 70 urnwa. The highest number in such a short time

Journalists in Gaza
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TakeMe2Insanity · 03/11/2023 09:05

Mohamed Abu Hatab was killed yesterday along with his whole family yesterday. He was killed in Khan Younis not the north.

Journalists in Gaza
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