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Is it possible to ovulate whilst bleeding (post m/c)?

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Wavedancer · 20/11/2006 15:33

This is a bit of an unusual situation...

I suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks pg just 3 weeks ago and have been bleeding ever since. The bleeding was very heavy for a week but has petered out since then and has just been spotting for the past 4 days or so. The thing is, the spotting has changed consistency (sorry if TMI!) from slightly sticky to watery.

I know that time will tell whether or not I am ov-ing but I am getting very impatient as I want my cycles to settle back down so we can get back to ttc as soon as possible.

Has anyone been through anything similar or can anyone confirm if it is possible to ov whilst spotting?

Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
RuthT · 20/11/2006 19:12

Depending how your body copes with the hormones you can ovulate within a month of miscarrying as your body may mistake the signs for a period. Some women gave a day or two of light bleeding around ovulation, the result of a deop of oestrogen ans it is more likely to occur with women who have longer cycles.

The best thing to do is chart your temperature it is the easiest way of working out if you are ovulating and when you are ovulating. You will have lower waking temperatures before you ovulate and higher after you ovulate. What happens is that the oestrogen pushes temps down and this reaches a peak about one to two days before the progesterone kicks in which raises your temperature.

If you want to chart it there is a great site with pdf charts you can print out .

You do need to take your temperature literally as soon as you rouse though so have the thermometer by your bed.

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