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is it dangerous to use the pill for fertility purposes?

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thirtysomething · 06/05/2004 20:24

What I mean is I know that I ovulate for some time after being on the pill even though in normal circumstances I don't often ovulate, so would it be safe to go on the pill for say 02 or 03 months and then ttc straight afterwards? Has anyone ever tried this?

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smellymelly · 06/05/2004 20:38

Can't see it would be a problem, In fact it sounds like a good idea if you know it makes you ovulate.

Maybe you could just miss the 1st month after coming off. There are plenty of people who wouldn't wait, though.


Flip · 06/05/2004 20:45

That's how I conceived. Everyone had given up on me. Nothing else had worked and I'd tried everything. I'd even started the adoption process. Then I went on the pill for three months. I got sick with my thyroid and knew it would be dangerous to attempt to get pregnant then so I went on the pill for another three months. The ovulation pain was unbearable when I stopped the pill and I conceived that first month. the trick is to not have a break for three months and then the hormone surge allows you to ovulate. I hope this works for you.

Jamie's five months old now and he's my world.


thirtysomething · 06/05/2004 20:53

thanks, that's very encouraging!

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