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Persona says don't use whilst BFing but will it help to predict fertile days?

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Lucy1977 · 18/11/2006 22:26


I am breastfeeding DD who is 9 months old. I was hoping to get a Persona to use as contraception until January and then as a TTC aid but the other week I read on the box that it's not to be used whilst breastfeeding.

Is this because it's not accurate at telling you your safe days? Would it still be able to help with fertile days?


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jennster · 18/11/2006 23:06

What does Persona measure? I bought a pack of ovulation testing strips and realised, as I wasn't menstruating, had no way of working out when to start using them in the first place! Used one and then thought it would cost a FORTUNE to test for a month, and then still not be ovulating anyway.

As it happened, I got pregnant the first time I had fertile cervical mucus (I think) and am due in July (I think). Have to wait until Jan for scan so who knows.

Nettee · 19/11/2006 13:17

Are your cycles in the time range that persona specifies? If so I think it could work fine because it is looking for the hormone surge that accompanies ovulation. If you are ovulating then it should tell you.

If you look at the sticks themselves they tell you when you are ovulating - the blue line nearest the "wet" end goes darker for two days at the same time as the egg sign comes on the screen.

Definatly think they are covering themselves for people using persona as contraception when they say you can't use it if you are breastfeeding.

Lucy1977 · 19/11/2006 20:39

Thanks ladies

Jennster - the Persona measures hormone levels which surge around ovulation (thanks Nettee for explaining that!)

Nettee, I haven't had a proper cycle for over 11 years now. I was on the 21 day pill for 10 years then came off it and had a 75 day cycle and then fell pregnant with DD who is 9 months old. I breastfeed her and my periods haven't returned yet. (I did take the mini pill for 7 wks but have been off it for 2 wks).

It's quite expensive to purchase if it's not going to help but I'll see if there's any going cheap on ebay.


OP posts:
Nettee · 20/11/2006 18:12

I think it will go into meltdown if you don't tell it your AF has started every 30 days or so. The sticks are cheaper than other ovulation sticks though and you can buy them seperately.

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