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How to avoid the Hope/Mope cycle

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AussieSim · 06/05/2004 12:35

Any ideas please. I haven't been trying for very long this time (3 or 4 mths), but last time it took 21 months (for no reason that was ever found). I swore this time that I wouldn't do the Hope/Mope, but here I am getting all excited, reading something into every twitch and niggle, checking what my due date would be etc etc only to be seriously let down when AF arrives.

Does anyone have any strategies for avoiding the Hope/Mope, or even techniques for lessening it?

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LucyJones · 06/05/2004 12:43

You could plan a big event to take your mind off it and something that you wouldn't want to be pregnant for - like a summer BBQ with lots of alcohol


Moomin · 06/05/2004 19:46

Sorry if you already know this and are bored of hearing it
Have been ttc since Jan of last year. Drove myself round the bend for a good number of months. First decided on some reflexology to de-stress - excellent IMHO; have been having regularly since Feb.
Now I have also actively been trying to change jobs to take my mind off ttc and get into a healthy and more positive focus. I know that might sound a bit drastic, but it's what I needed! Maybe you do need something fairly major to focus on, though? Is there an ongoing project at home or work (if you work) that you can get stuck into for a good while?
I do sympathise because it's such a horrible sprial of feelings every month, isn't it? But I would say you need to take control of your emotions by redirecting your energy and the way you see your life panning out for the near future.
Good luck xx


AussieSim · 06/05/2004 20:44

Thanks Moomin. I do have a big project I should be focussing on - am moving back to Oz from Germany - heaps to do but having trouble getting motivated. I am looking forward to giving reflexology a go when I get home though.

Thanks Luce, but afraid I am still bfing and so limit drinks to just the one still - although I still must plan many farewells before I get on the plane in 8 weeks.

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Zerub · 07/05/2004 14:18

I echo what's been said - plan something that you'd be better off not being pregnant for. My last one was "if we wait dd will be settled at nursery when the new baby comes". Now I'm on "we're going on a SeaCat in June and I don't need pg-related travel sickness". So if I don't get pg I'll be relieved. If I do, I'll be delighted of course! Book a trip to Center Parcs - its quite boring if you're pg cos you can't go on the rapids or the jacuzzi.


AussieSim · 07/05/2004 20:46

Thanks Zerub - it is actually more practical if I don't fall pregnant till I am back in Oz and have the private health insurance arranged - so I am trying to use that as the positive - but am worried about too long a gap between babes - so quickly back to the 'mope'.

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