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Starting Met Tomorrow

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sofarsogood · 17/11/2006 21:28


I just wandered if anyone could give me any advice to prepare me for the side effects of taking Met? I was given the tablets today and Im having a nice glass of wine and a chineese before starting on them tomorrow and also following the best diet I can.

I know there can be side effects of sickness but just how bad was this sickness in your experiences?

And how long did it take for you to see a result ie weight loss or skin looking better or getting pregnant?

And finally wish me luck if you can


Gina xx

OP posts:
BeckiF · 18/11/2006 08:37

Hi Gina

I was on quite a high dose of metformin for almost a year. Only side effects I had was initial upset tummy. Took a good few weeks to settle down but it does. We never managed to conceive whilst I was on it but I know lots of ladies have. So good luck and stick with it!

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