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TTC after a vasectomy reversal

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jayney13 · 16/11/2006 16:42

Hi all

DH had a vasectomy back in March, and we're thinking of having it reversed (just so I can cause pain!!!) has anyone been lucky to concieve after a reversal.

OP posts:
feedmenow · 17/11/2006 12:07

Hi Jayney. Sorry, can't comment on success after reversal but am intrigued to find out if anyone else knows anything about this. Hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you considering a reversal only 8 months after having it done (other than to cause your dp pain )!!

BeckiF · 18/11/2006 08:40

Blimey! Are you sure you thought it through enough! LOL! After such a short time your chances are much higher. DP had his reversed after 8 years and we now have sperm on ice. The reversal IS much more painful he says! However we still believe one of the reasons his was a success is that they told us sex would be to uncomfortable for weeks. He lasted a couple of days! The first few ejaculates were quite bloody etc but he feels that using the tubes so soon didn't give them a chance for them to seal or form scar tissue.

Good luck! Poor hubby!

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