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Metformin & Baby Asprin

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sofarsogood · 13/11/2006 20:25

Hi everyone,

Not posted here for a while and when I did it wasnt very often but I hope you dont mind me asking this question.

Ive heard taking 1 baby asprin a day can help with TTC, something to do with thinning your blood but Im about to start on Metformin on Friday so was wandering if I can start them both together? Anyone else been ok with this?

I have been meaning to start the Asprin for ages but always forget and I never asked my consultant today.

Any advice would be great or ideas where I can get info..


G xx

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 14/11/2006 08:03

Please do not take baby aspirin without medical supervision!!!.

Hopefully the Met will help you; bear in mind though that you may get side effects from this particular drug - it can affect your bowels.

Is PCOS the problem with your good self; I ask this only as Metformin is sometimes prescribed for such patients.

CorrieDale · 14/11/2006 08:12

I've only heard about baby aspirin as a preventative measure against miscarriages, or heart problems. Not for help with TTC. I'd definitely ask your consultant before self-prescribing, especially if you're on other medication.

jenkel · 14/11/2006 08:32

I was prescribed Baby Asprin as part of my IVF treatment and continued throughout the pregnancy until about 30 weeks, but I was also under the impression from my consultant that it helps avoid miscarriage. Dont think its adviseable to take without checking with your GP, also it may have an effect on the other drug you are on.

sofarsogood · 14/11/2006 19:10

Thanks guys,

Im going back to my consultant on Friday for the Met and I will ask her then. I think your right in saying its mainly for people who have had miscarriages but if I can take it I will and if it imporoves my chances great! Will check first though.

I do have PCOS so hopefully this will help my weight and skin aswell as fertility.

G x

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