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Anyone conceive 3 or more days before ovulation?

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wishing1 · 12/11/2006 22:22

It seems with dh's busy schedule and traveling together and away we always seem to bd, either 2 or 3 days before OV. Been trying for 5 months now to no avail The holidays are even looking worse for trying, we will be on a 15 hour trip to Europe when I OV in Dec and some friends are coming to stay over the new year when I will OV Maybe it will happen this month who knows. What are the chances of conception several days before ovulation?

OP posts:
notasheep · 12/11/2006 22:27

Day 11 i conceived.You have only been trying for 5 months,that isnt long.

lulumama · 12/11/2006 22:34

sperm can survive up to 5 technically, you can...

are you sure you are ovulating when you think you are? well, as sure as you can be....

you can still try for a baby when you have guests, can't you...very quietly.....

5 months is not a long time....12 months is not that unusual, and certainly no investigations would be done before then..

don't be too disheartened.....xx

flibbertyjibbet · 12/11/2006 22:41

sperm can live for a week, eggs live 24 to48 hours. we got 2 lovely babies after chucking out the ov tests, by just getting jiggy every other day after my period, that way there's always some sperm up there by the time the egg comes out. So I would say that bd 2 or 3 days before ov would be ideal. And as often as you like at other times, apparently, statistically, the more you'do it' the whole month, is directly related to how quickly you concieve. My poor man was worn out after I read that bit of advice.. 5 months isn't long at all, the worst thing you can do is stress about it. Perhaps you need to calm your schedules down and just relax at home a couple of weeks of each month.

wishing1 · 13/11/2006 05:19

Thanks ladies so much for the comments. I have used the opks for several months and it says I ovulate on day 11, I have a 25 day cycle very regular. It's nice to hear 5 months isn't long, it sure seems long though when you are so anxious. About our guests coming for the holidays, we will have to be "quiet" our spare room is across the hall from our room! Anyone have any advice for more excm, it seems I don't have alot its more watery than stringy sorry tmi. I have been drinking grapefruit juice, yuck and taking vitamin c which I heard helps and we bought pre seed and have used it this month and last only around OV time.

OP posts:
duchesse · 14/11/2006 14:30

Ah. Nobody EVER believes this, but my third child was conceived 7 (yes, seven!) days before I ovulated.

This was back in the days before Mirena and advancing age wrecked my fertility signs for ever. I knew with each of them the exact day and hour when my body realised it was pregnant.

Anyway, on that occasion, CM stopped abruptly a few hours after starting- that was it. We were on holiday with ma-in-law, so there'd definitely been no monkey business for a week.

Nowadays I don't even know when I ovulate. sob

anniemac · 14/11/2006 15:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

duchesse · 14/11/2006 15:52

I knew straight away that I was pregnant, anniemac. In fact I never even did a pregnancy test to verify it.

I started to feel pregnant (tired, nauseous etc) as I have done in each of my four pregnancies [longer than 4 weeks], before my period would have been due. Sadly my fourth ended a few weeks in a miscarriage at 13 weeks.

long story yadda yadda- we've been trying for number 4 for 3.5 years now. I have been pregnant (unverified by anyone but me) probably around 15-20 times in those 3.5 years. So my fertility has changed A Lot in the 9 years since my third child was born. I would be astonished to fall pregnant 7 days after bd'ing, now. Obviously I am now in my late thirties rather than mid to late twenties, but it's hard to pinpoint ovulation at all

anniemac · 14/11/2006 16:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Peridot30 · 14/11/2006 16:14

I became pregnant both times within days of my periods finishing. Can remember saying to dh 'dont worry i'll not get pregnant as periods only just finished'. Knew i got pregnant so easily 1st time just after periods finished and ttc again at same day in cycle and worked perfectly.

duchesse · 14/11/2006 16:23

Or if you're going to ovulate several times in the same cycle, it tends to be in the same 24 hour window.

But again, never say never. Weird things do happen. Some ladies get to labour without actually realising they were pregnant.

I heard about someone the other day who was being irradiated for a liver tumour, for several months, having had CT scans and ultrasounds galore on her abdomen, then went into labour on the oncology ward! Not one medical person, or she, had realised that she was not only dangerously ill, but also pregnant... Sad story- she died a few weeks after the birth.

duchesse · 14/11/2006 16:26

And anniemac- is it wrong of me to hope that your body has overruled your head?

Peridot- that's unusual. Do you have especially short cycles? Or an exceptionally long luteal phase?

anniemac · 14/11/2006 16:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

marymillington · 14/11/2006 16:37

i think i may have done with the LO that's on the way now, but i wasn't meticulously monitoring things

and wishing1, don't let your friends put you off....!

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