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laparoscopy and conception?

4 replies

kittyb · 01/05/2004 23:33

I conceived the month after a laporoscopy, a "flushing through" and small amount of endo removed by laser, after trying for 18 months. Been trying for baby number two for two years now. I raised whether to do this again but Consultant has said theres no link between that laparoscopy etc and me conceiving. Any thoughts?

OP posts:

808state · 02/05/2004 11:31


Have you received any sort of diagnosis of the problem this time around?.

Have you had blood tests done to see if ovulation is now an issue?. Will he not consider either doing a HSG (tubal x-ray but this in itself will not pick up endo's prescence) or even another lap operation. I say this as endometriosis can recur.

Has your DH also been tested to rule out any male factor problems?.

The need for a diagnosis is paramount - after two years there is likely to be some sort of fertility problem.


kiwicath · 02/05/2004 17:18

We tried for 2 years before being diagnosed with Endo. I had a lap and was fitted with a coil for 3 months to heal. 2 months after that - preggers. Baby boy 4 months now and I'm beginning to get the endo pain back again. We too would like to try for another but don't know when to start trying. Don't know if I can go through another lap (for me worse than childbirth!!). When did you start to try for #2. My doc says sooner is better than later as the endo is supressed by pregnancy/breastfeeding but will never really go away. My thoughts are with you - hubby and I may be in the very same situation before long. Hugs.


podgegl20 · 02/05/2004 17:27

We tried for 3 years before i had a laparoscopy, it revealed endometriosis. We were recommended to try again for another year. After that we had artificial insemination. We were lucky, i conceived first time. When ds1 was 14 months we decided to try for another baby, thinking it would take a long time. As it was i conceived the second month. It seemed that pregnancy had 'helped' clear the endo.
My sister also got pregnant after a laparoscopy so i think it must have some effect on the tubes.
She then got pregnant naturally quite by accident. So keep trying because you can't tell what is going to happen. Good luck.


thirtysomething · 02/05/2004 21:00

I got pregnant with 1st baby about a month after a laparoscopy - I never had a period after the procedure so was always unsure of the actual conception date! My gyno told me it is a common phenomenon as the laparoscopy seems to flush the tubes out and encourage ovulation. It's probably quite an unorthodox thing to suggest though as a means in itself of getting pregnant as it is a surgical procedure therefore slightly risky and not cheap, so this is maybe why you have encountered opposition to the suggestion. Good luck! Have you tried other things like clomid?

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