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Predictor Pregnancy Tests

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tegan · 08/11/2006 19:30

I am due on today and nothing has happened yet, but yesterday i saw Predictor tests on special offer so I thought why not get a couple. Well my curiosity was too strong to stop me and I did one yesterday but it was bfn, so am I not pg or do I have to wait a while before this test shows a bfp?

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abbymeg · 08/11/2006 20:00

You can always get a false negative result if you test too early, or later in the day. I'd wait a couple of days and try first thing in the morning (although if you can't wait, then before - but first thing as hormone levels better detected then).

Hope you get the answer that you want

figgypud · 08/11/2006 20:07

I agree with abbymeg, wait a couple of days!
Let us know tho, good luck[wink}

tegan · 08/11/2006 20:29

Thanks I will try to wait but I have a terrible case of curiousness and would love to tell dh no 3 was on the way.

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tegan · 09/11/2006 15:40

Is it still too early to get a bfp??

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tegan · 09/11/2006 18:40

Can someone pleeeeease tell me which test to buy seeing as I am only 1 day late?

OP posts:
SparklyfestiveYellowFeathers · 09/11/2006 18:42

Clearblue Digital.
It will tell you yes or no.

Ammy12 · 09/11/2006 19:10

tell us if you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

tegan · 09/11/2006 22:10

I'm still not sure so I am going to try to wait until monday before I do a test assuming I don't come on.
I am only a day late so I could be jumping the gun a little.

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tegan · 10/11/2006 07:39

Still no af

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misdee · 10/11/2006 08:07

how many tests doi you have left?

tegan · 10/11/2006 11:09

I did one on tuesday (day before af due) and was neg then I did one last night and still neg but no af as yet. Am I testing too close to af due date or am just getting my hopes up for nothing.

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figgypud · 10/11/2006 18:23

Oh Tegan you'll have to keep up updated!
Could still be too early esp if AF aren't usually regular!
Nowt wrong with doing tests every morning tho! (think I would, just in case!)

tegan · 10/11/2006 19:11

Sorry ladies but I have been in agony since 2 pm and after nearly an hour in the bath my tummy bloated up to the size of a watermelon and i came on. I am so disappointed and dh looked so upset when he came home and I told him. Maybe next month hey.

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figgypud · 10/11/2006 19:12

Indeed Hun
Hope you are OK!
Always next time!

abbymeg · 10/11/2006 19:38

I'm sorry to read about your disappointment. Fingers crossed for you for next month. Now eat chocolates and relax!

tegan · 10/11/2006 22:33

Thanks girls, choccy sounds good.

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