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pink spotting after af?

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FemaleoftheSpecies · 08/11/2006 13:48

hi girls, just a quick one.. had a light (late) af and now just one bit of pale pink spotting.. has anyone had / read anything on this ???

talk properly later but will keep an eye on here (when boss not looking) to see if anyone can shed some light.

tks as ever

OP posts:
duchesse · 08/11/2006 14:58

If very different in quantity and composition from usual period, suspect pregnancy. If you are past normal period date, you should get a fairly conclusive result from any good pregnancy test by this stage.

I managed to have a three-day "normal" period at the right time whilst first pregnant, something all the medical sites tell you is impossible, but most women know apocryphally to be true. (although that pregnancy eventually miscarried so possibly not that well implanted.

Good luck!

Bodkin · 08/11/2006 15:05

Agree with Duchesse. Might be worth testing if AF is much lighter than usual.

Good luck xxx

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