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Has anyone had a month when they have not ovulated?

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Amester · 07/11/2006 18:41

Hi there,

I'm on day 18 and have not yet ovulated, I normally ovulate on day 17 which I know doesnt sound cause to panic but I havn't seen any fertile cm this month (I normally do) and all of my ovulation tests have been negative. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a month when they had not ovulated? If so did your cycle return to normal the next month?

Also I had a miscarriage in August and my cycle does seem to be different since my miscarriage but I have never had a month like this. Has anyone else experienced changes to their normal cycle in the months after a miscarriage?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Minshu · 07/11/2006 19:14


Really sorry about your m/c.

If your ov is now 1 day late, there is no need to panic, as you suggest. It could still come in the next few days.

I'm no expert but, from what other MNers have said, anovulatory months are not that unusual. I have had them a few times (which I recognised by the month being longer than usual and boobs not hurting in their usual way), then they have always been followed by a "normal" month.

Try not to worry.

Pruni · 07/11/2006 19:18

Message withdrawn

coggy · 07/11/2006 22:10

Anovulatory cycles can happen as often as one in every ten cycles Zita West says in her books.
I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens for a couple of months in a row.

cityangel · 08/11/2006 00:45

Hi Amester, this is a difficult one as this is unchartered territory for me. I am currently persuing the expensive route of daily OV tests. My temperature charts and 4 months off the pill suggest annovulation but I find this a hard area to get my head around. After reading some of the posts a month without ovulation isn't uncommon. What's important is the pattern and individual circumtance.

eldestgirl · 08/11/2006 08:39

Hi Amester,
I was only ovulating about 3 times a year. Turned out my BMI was too low (18) and as soon as I put on some weight, I ovulated more regularly. Could this be relevant for you?

Amester · 08/11/2006 17:44

Thanks for all your responses and advice. Hopefully I will just ovulate later in the month or if not - next month. I just hate the waiting! I am starting to really envy people who get pregnant by accident - its got to be better than all this worrying!

Eldest - i'll take a look at my BMI - when i've had a look before I have always been in the underweight - normal category so maybe I need to eat a few more pies!

City Angel - I feel for you doing ov tests every day - I was like that the first month and of course this month. Its so difficult when your not sure when your going to ovulate. I'm thinking of buying one of the ClearBlue Monitors - as I think it tells you all your fertile days rather than just when you are going to ovulate.

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cityangel · 08/11/2006 18:04

Hi Amester and everyone. Yes the damn tests are frustrating but I got my dirst ever positive one today! I am finding one brand more reliable than the other. I also bought the monitor but am waiting until CD1 to start using it.
Dh is out tonight sooo frustrating.
Godd luck

cityangel · 08/11/2006 18:04

Good luck - rather

Amester · 08/11/2006 18:32

Congratulations on your +ve ov test - its great isnt it - I always get so excited when I see mine!

Oh no - about dh being out - you will have to jump on him when he gets back!!

Goodluck to you too

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