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ttc - is there any evidence it's easier for Number 2?

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basilbrush · 07/11/2006 13:46

Hi girls -
Did it take you more or less time to get PG second time round? Anyone read anything about the average months taken to conceive DC2?
I got PG in three months with DS but had just come off the pill after 5 years and apparently a break from it can actually increase your fertility for a while. I haven't been on the pill since DS was born and am worried it will take much longer this time round!

OP posts:
ready4motherhood · 07/11/2006 14:15

I can't offer any experience as I am ttc#1 but I just wanted to say - great name good luck ttc#2!!

cece · 07/11/2006 17:00

Took us 3 times longer with our first than with the second. So for us much quicker. BUT I hadn't been on the pill either time.

katierocket · 07/11/2006 17:01

Don't think there is any pattern whatsoever.
I got pregnant first time with DS but it took 2 years and IVF to get pregnant this time.

greedyguzzler · 07/11/2006 18:47

took me 7 months first time and then got pg first month second time. how old is your ds cos i think if your body was preg quite recently it knows what to do. we have been ttc for 6 months this time, but it is nearly 2 years since i have been pg and i think my body has forgotten!

lulumama · 07/11/2006 19:03

don't think it is possible to generalise...i got pregnant first try with number 1 and 2nd time with number 2 and had been on the pill both times and had a 5 year gap between conceptions...

also, my mum & sister both got pregnant it may be worth asking the other women in your family...might give an indication for you

majority of the time..there is not pattern and the reasons you can;t conceive cannot be found.......good luck..

Peridot30 · 07/11/2006 19:33

Think its just luck! Good Luck trying! My dh always complains that it wasn't much fun ttc both our kids as it happened 1st time both times!

Coriander73 · 07/11/2006 19:44

Think it's just luck & lots of BD in & around ov!!!! DD (no.1) was instant, DS two months...lots of luck

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