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Help! is the bleeding i had after my mirena was removed a real AF?!!

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bluefairy · 05/11/2006 22:29

wondering if anyone can help me...had mirena out at start of october, started bleeding 2 days later quite heavily for 3 days then nothing since. Was this a real af? and how long has it taken others to resume normal periods after removal of this particular coil? Rang the family planning unit and they said it could be a withdrawal bleed or a real period, am confused, as don't know whether to get excited if af does not arrive at same time this month. Any mirena removal stories anyone please?

OP posts:
Furball · 06/11/2006 19:43

I don't know as I had mine out, then a new one put in. But the bleed after the removal is from the upheaval rather than being a proper period. I think you're going to have to sit tight and wait and see......

feedmenow · 08/11/2006 14:08

Hi Bluefairy. I had mine out a couple of months ago. I knew that it was 5 days after my AF cos I continued to have a really slight blood stained discharge with the mirena in. Anyway, about 36 hrs after coil came out I had a bit of a bleed, heavier than blood-stained discharge but definately not like a full-on AF. I then had a 26 day cycle which ended with quite a light AF (only needed a couple of tampons and a few panty-liners. Then had a 32 day cycle ending with a day of v. light AF followed by about 4 days of AF.
I think the best thing to do is to try and avoid ttc for a couple of months after coil removal so that you get a rough idea of your cycle. Difficult to wait, I know....!

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