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How painful is it to have a coil taken out?

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Nettee · 04/11/2006 13:25

Am thinking of ttc again soonish so will need to go back to the surgery to have my copper coil out. Is it anything like as bad as having it put in?

Anyone with any experience?

OP posts:
TheDaVinciCod · 04/11/2006 13:27

they use a catapult i belive

Jelley · 04/11/2006 13:27

Not painful

MrsWaggsnapps · 04/11/2006 19:04

Nothing like as bad. I had a horrible time having the mirena put in (bigger than the copper and more painful), but having it out was just one badish cramp and then out it popped (such a relief)

edie123 · 05/11/2006 17:26

I worked myself up about mine last year but didn't feel it-honestly

Furball · 05/11/2006 17:55

I found it more weird than painful as I could feel it being pulled down.

Take a couple of painkillers about an hour before your go just in case.

Nettee · 06/11/2006 14:30

Thanks everyone - will pluck up the courage to go along - can't be worse than the 3 months of morning sickness that I hope will come after.

OP posts:
muminamini · 06/11/2006 15:05

Mine was totally painless
God luckx

ginmummy · 06/11/2006 15:16

The first one I had put in it hurt more than childbirth and I fainted and vomited from the pain but I didn't feel a thing when it was taken out (even though I was 12 weeks pregnant!)

The second one was put in by a gorgeous doctor and I didn't feel a thing but I was very aware that I hadn't shaved my legs or pruned my lady garden! Again, I didn't feel a thing when it was removed a year ago and my periods returned to normal after 4 months.

FemaleoftheSpecies · 06/11/2006 17:15

i had a mirena - i'd never given birth so going in it was agony. compared to that, coming out was fine. but i'd describe it like a plug being pulled out. and you feel it pull on things that you dont usually get any sensation in. but would definitely say that its minor compared to the feeling of it being inserted. and also the taking it out is momentary.. there's no ongoing discomfort. it's fleeting.

veggielorna · 06/11/2006 20:10

Although a long time ago now (I am so old!!) I had a bad time having it put in but having it removed I never felt a thing.

Best of luck

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