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Is a faint positive still a positive???

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newby29 · 02/11/2006 13:15

Can anyone advise please? I have been ttc for 7 months (following mc) and my AF is due on Saturday. I tested using a Boots test this morning and there was a faint positive line. I bought a First Response on the way in to work and saem thing - faint, but definitely there - positive line. Does this definitely mean a positive??? Or should I not be getting my hopes up yet?? thanks!!!

OP posts:
Carmenere · 02/11/2006 13:17

AFAIK a positive is a positive

mumatuks · 02/11/2006 13:19

With my first DS the line was really faint i.e DH was almost saying "what line?!" I'd had two in a packet, so did another one later and it came up stronger.. even so, not the darkest blue line I've ever seen!

Can you go to a chemist? Its a bit cheaper and they may have a more telling test IYSWIM!

I've got everythign crossed for you. x

rubles · 02/11/2006 13:19


suburbanjellybrain · 02/11/2006 13:19

most likely pos as I had the same from testing very early - false pos are rare false negs are more common - I ended up doing about 5 tests too be sure though

ready4motherhood · 02/11/2006 13:19

Hi newby29... I would always say try not to get your hopes up too much. has a lot of good information about home pregnancy tests, it's worth a look. Also there will be other ladies that have actually done a HPT (I haven't had to yet )

Good luck, and fingers crossed!!

2nervesleft · 02/11/2006 13:20

As far as I know the test looks for the hormone (I can't remember its name) and even if you have a faint line it still shows that the hormone has been detected and therefore you are preganant. Congratulations!

I think the only exception to this is if you have not used enough urine on the test but unlikely if you have 2 positives.

Cakehead · 02/11/2006 13:22

Yep, I got my BFP last month and it was so faint on the first test, I thought my eyes were playing tricks because I wanted to see a line so much. Left if a few days, then tested again. Much stronger line. Sounds like congratulations are in order...

CatsdontlikefireworksBert · 02/11/2006 13:23

My extremely faint positive test, is now a 2 1/2 year old DD.

So faint, I read it as neg. Only 10 mins later I looked again and went "oh!"

megandsoph · 02/11/2006 13:24

Hey and congrats!!

With this pregnancy I had the faint lines too and also I tested four days before AF due, so I then used a clear blue digital and it came up pregnant in digital writing, so I knew for sure.

newby29 · 02/11/2006 13:31

Thank you all, so much. I am trying not to get hopes up as I say, but I think perhaps I have some reason to. Honestly cant believe it yet anyway!!! It just feels completely unreal!!!

OP posts:
babybensmum · 02/11/2006 13:34

My first positive was really faint, even though it was two weeks after AF was due. Got darker by the fourth time I did it! DS now 8 months old. Good luck!

danceswithmonkeys · 02/11/2006 13:50

Hooray, a line is a line! With ds (2nd child) the line was so faint I thought I was imagining it, I was really down that I wasn't pg. I was charting at the time though and took my temp the next morning and it was up so I tested again and...he's nearly 2yrs now!

endlesslove · 02/11/2006 18:59

Don't get your hopes up just yet. I would wait a few days until after your af due and retest, perhaps using a digital.

I tested last Sunday with a clearblue ditial and PREGNANT appeared on the screen. Over the moon completely and couldn't believe it. I have tested everyday since using same clearblue digital and have had negatives. Totally gutted and now just waiting for af to arrive. I have been feeling very crampy today and very depressed.

Please dont think i am taking the positive vibes away from you as I wish you all the luck and babydust, I just don't want you to get your hopes up if it is a chem preganancy which is perhaps what mine appears to be.

Wishing you so much luck and please let me know how you get on. I truely hope you get your BFP this month.


Sexonlegs · 02/11/2006 21:44

I would have to agree - a faint line is still a line. Same happened here. Tested 4 days early with cheap ebay sticks, and thought I had imagined it.Did a Boots test on the day before af due and bfp - now 14 weeks pg.
Good luck Newby, and to you Endlesslove. x

newby29 · 03/11/2006 11:57

Thanks all. I did a digital last night and came up saying 'pregnant' so I thoght there was no question - not sure now though after what endlesslove said...I dont think I udnerstand what a chemical pg is?? So siutation is I have now done 4 tests with three diff brands and all now saying bfp. feeling very sick for the last 3 days but no other symptons. AF due tomorrow. Should I still not get my hopes up???!

OP posts:
ShowOfWhizzBangHands · 03/11/2006 12:04

Chemical Pregnancy:

A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term used for a very early miscarriage. In many cases, the positive pregnancy test was achieved before the woman's period was due but a miscarrige occured before a heartbeat was able to be seen on an ultrasound.

With the ultra sensitive pregnancy tests on the market today, it is easier than ever to get a positive result 3 or 4 days before your period is due. It is wonderful for those who NEED to know, but does have it's down side. Early testing shows chemical pregnancies which would not have been detected had the woman waited for her period to arrive.

Chemical pregnancies are a very upsetting reality and happen frequently (some doctors predict in up to 50% of all ovulations). It is the early tests that pick up on it.

That said, I had very faint lines 5 days before af was due and I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I have, however, also had a chem pg. Give yourself a few days, wait until af is late and test again.

newby29 · 03/11/2006 12:24

Thanks for that. I didnt really know about that - a very good reason not to test early! that said I am on day 27 of my cycle, which has been 27 days for the last 3 months...I used to be a regular 28 days, but either way AF due today or tomorrow so FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

OP posts:
newby29 · 06/11/2006 11:59

Hi all - well I thought I would post back to say still no sign of AF so have finally allowed to get my hopes up that it wasnt a chemical pg! Will test one more time tonight and then will allow myself to enjoy it - until the next lot of anxiety starts (last - and only - pg I had a mc at 7 weeks) heres hoping!! Thanks for all your posts ladies and lots of luck and baby dust to

OP posts:
JoPG · 06/11/2006 12:01

Good luck to you Newby. Sending you lots of good luck

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