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Schmauskin · 02/11/2006 09:25

On account of my dh low sperm count we are attempting IVF + ICSCI. I am committed to trying, but am feeling very anxious now that I have read all the info supplied by the clinic! Can anyone tell me what it's like? (big question I know) and any tips for coping with the whole thing, mentally and physically. Thank you x

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Natty1806 · 02/11/2006 09:48


No advice sorry but just wanted to wish you all the best.

Schmauskin · 02/11/2006 10:50

Thanks Natty

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ready4motherhood · 02/11/2006 13:26

Good luck with everything... Fingers crossed for you and your DH. Let us know how you get on!!

Babydust x

Schmauskin · 02/11/2006 13:52

Ta everso

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nickik · 05/11/2006 20:44


we have had several IVf's our very first one in 2002 worked and we now have a beautiful dd
the only advice I can give you is not to analyse every twinge and ache, unfortunately everything feels like af pains due to the drugs they give you also if you can stay away from the hpt tests it will truely drive you nuts
I stayed away from them with my first and I felt so much better
rest for a couple of days but not bed rest and after that just try and be as normal as you can, hard I know but keeps you occupied

I wish you all the very best of luck, stay positive xx

toytownmum · 05/11/2006 21:13

I know its easier said than done but try to relax, ds1 was born as a result of our ist attempt of ivf and at all times we just tried to relax, take it very easy and be positive. DS2 was born 14mths later and he was never meant to be able to happen
Wishing you lots of luck. x x

chakakhan · 05/11/2006 21:46

Echoing toytown's advice to relax and think positive. I had DS aftr 2nd attempt at IVF - I was actually humming a happy tune when I left the clinic after implantation. My attitude was that DH and I were not going to have a baby on our own and that Ivf was a miracle second chance to have a baby.I didn't expect it to work and tried to keep my expectations low(tried and failed).Physically the treatment was not bad at all.I didn't have any menopausal symptoms and the egg collection was mainly painfree. I just accepted all the treatment as my chance to have a baby so I would have put up with a lot more. Of course,I don't know if I would still be so positive about my IVF experience if I had had numerous attempts and no DS to show for it!!!

chakakhan · 05/11/2006 21:48

By the WAy GOOD LUCK .

kickassangel · 05/11/2006 22:24

Good luck. Remeber that the first time is usually on the lowest doese, partly to see how you respond, so try to see it as a test run, rather than expecting anything - it's most likely to work on about 3rd attempt after they've 'fine tuned' all the drugs to fit you.
my first attempt was so hopeless, they abandoned treatment part way through - but id now have a beautiful dd (3) after the third attempt.
it's never easy, but good luck.

oh, and if you're entitled to some time off for treatment, i'd take it. some days i spent 4 hours in the clinic becuase my respons was 'unusual' and i had to keep having consultations. very stressful, and THEN i have like a bat out of hell to get to work. should have been at home with my feet up.

Schmauskin · 06/11/2006 14:01

thank you for all your advice and best wishes - It's very encouraging to hear a number of you got pregnant on your first IVF 'go' so I'll keep my fingers crossed we are lucky. I understand that at the clinic we're using, women are offered a GA for the egg retreival but not for re-implantation, so I'm hoping that the latter won't be too uncomfortable. will try and stay relaxed and realistic!!

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Artoo · 06/11/2006 19:45

Hope everything goes well for you Schmauskin - I'm waiting for confirmation of when my first ICSI cycle will be (I's expecting some time early next year), also because of dh low sperm count. I'll be watching your progress with interest


sleeplessinhants · 06/11/2006 21:48

Schmauskin, Good Luck. We had DS after first attempt with ICSI and are about to try for second. Had slight problem with mild OHSS at six weeks my tummy bloated and I looked 6mths pregnant fortunately bloating went down (caused alot of confusion with male work collegues!)As previously said take it easy and be kind to yourself. DH and I made a point of organising a weekend away for afterwards so no matter the outcome we had something to look forward to.

BudaBeast · 07/11/2006 04:33

Good luck. I too have a DS (5) as a result of my first attempt at IVF/ICSI.

The implantation bit is just like a smear test really. That is the easiest bit of the whole procedure really.

Schmauskin · 07/11/2006 09:55

Oh dear, I HATE smear tests! I always find they hurt like hell - I tense up, feel all shaky and the scraping is hideous!

OP posts:
BudaBeast · 07/11/2006 10:03

Ok not like a smear test then! No scraping for a start! But it doesn't hurt honestly.

Schmauskin · 07/11/2006 12:42

BudaBeast - did you have spasms or cramping in your tummy during/afterwards?

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BudaBeast · 07/11/2006 12:46

No - nothing. Felt totally fine afterwards.

Schmauskin · 07/11/2006 16:15

Hope I'm the same....

OP posts:
sleeplessinhants · 13/11/2006 16:13

Schmauskin, Good luck for tomorrow we are hoping to have 2 embryos transferred tomorrow if all goes to plan. Fingers and toes crossed for both of us

Natty1806 · 13/11/2006 19:51

Good luck ladies. Watching this thread with interest, hope you don't mind. x

toytownmum · 13/11/2006 22:02

schmauskin and sleeplessinhants wishing you both lots of luck for tomorrow. I can remember our transfer like it was yesterday. Keep positive and take it easy. x x

Schmauskin · 13/11/2006 22:13

OOps! want I meant to say was - start sniffing tommorrow, transfer some time off!!

OP posts:
toytownmum · 13/11/2006 22:23

Good luck with the sniffing, before you know it it will be transfer time and then hopefully a BFP

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