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Fertility after retained placenta

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flibbertyjibbet · 31/10/2006 22:29

My friend conceived very quickly with DD who will be 2 at xmas. They have now been trying for nearly a year for 2nd baby but no luck yet. The doc said obviously nothing wrong as she conceived easily last time. When DD was born everything was ok but she had retained placenta which was removed under epidural by a surgeon with his hand right up in her womb picking the placenta away bit by bit. She is now wondering whether that might have caused some damage or effect to her uterus that might be stopping any fertilised eggs implanting properly? Any comments or thoughts from anyone? Thanks!

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RachelRose · 01/11/2006 08:38

I can't offer much advice - but will look at this with interest. I have previously conceived quite easily but lost my second DC late in pregnancy and had retained placenta which was removed 2 weeks later after a heamorrhage. I've been trying now for 5 months. It has also crossed my mind if there was some damage.

I'd be interested to see what your friend does. I was going to go the doctor after about 6 or 7 months of trying.

flibbertyjibbet · 04/11/2006 23:29

Hi Rachel, I am sorry to hear of your loss and hope that you have a successful pregnancy very soon! I lost my first baby at 10 weeks and it took 13 months to get pregnant again but now am mum to boys 22 months and 5 months...! I just logged back on tonight (we have a rule no internet till kids in bed and all jobs done!) and am disappointed to see that no one has replied! Out of all those members! My friend went to the docs about 4 months ago, she had been trying 8 months but the doctor just said to come back after 12 months trying. She said the doc was picking it all away bit by bit, urgh. My friend did go to the docs after trying for 8 months but didn't think to ask about it at the time. Perhaps you would like to make a note of my nickname and do a contact me after you've been to see your gp?

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SarahOnTheRock · 05/11/2006 00:46

HI guys was really interested to read the post I also ended up in theatre with the obs removing my placenta piece by piece, I asked him at the time if it would cause any problems in future.... problems concieving repeat trip to operating theatre etc. He said should be no problems with conception but slightly raise risk of repeat visit to theatre.
I too am trying to concieve (although not trying to get obsessed aboutit at present { v.relaxed emoticon) however dd was a complete accident so now will watch this thread good luck girls!!!

lulumama · 05/11/2006 15:49

i cannot find any information about the link between manual removal of the placenta and consequent infertility... i imagine any research in this is not going to be easily accessed through google!

i imagine your friend is worried that her womb lining was damaged in some way by the procedure ..... is it worth going back to the doctors and asking if that is a possibility? I imagine if there was any damage caused at the time.. it would have been noted ??

secondary infertility is fairly common and often there is no discernible reason....she should ask for a 2nd opinion if doc not being helpful...trying for a year without conceiving surely warrants some investigation? might be nothing at all to do with the manual removal..but she needs her mind putting at rest...

sorry to not be of more help....hope your friend gets her much longed for baby.....

flibbertyjibbet · 05/11/2006 23:45

lulumama - no I don't think my friends doc is very helpful, she is over 35 and we had read that if you are over 35 you should see your doc after trying for 6 months not 12. So she goes to the doc who said 'sorry we can't do anything till you have been trying 12 months'.
I have come across people before who conceive first cycle with first then can't manage it for a 2nd. She didn't think of this until after the visit to the docs but will be asking doc about it when she goes back. I think even if the professionals DID think it caused damage they would not tell you in case you sued them?

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GunpowderTreasonAndSNOT · 05/11/2006 23:50

I had retained placenta after my first baby, and I can relate to your friend's feelings about having it picked out bit by bit. It was very traumatic and very painful, and very frightening too (I also had a 3rd degree tear and a haemorrhage). I conceived again when ds1 was 14 months - it took us about the same amount of time to conceive ds2 as ds1 (about 4 months).

If your friend is feeling upset or tense about her experiences with her first birth/retained placenta, I strongly recommend she seek some counselling, and give herself time to feel ready before conceiving again. Good luck to her.

flibbertyjibbet · 05/11/2006 23:53

Oh, she is not concerened about the experience of having placenta removed (though she was a bit cheesed off at having an epidural for it after giving birth on just gas and air!!). She is wondering if the removal of it might have damaged the uterine lining in some way and be preventing implantation of any fertilised eggs that might be around.

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