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Acupuncture - Anyone tried it ?

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 31/10/2006 21:39

I have booked for a session on Thursday.I have been ttc for 18 months.I got pregnant this month which was also first month on clomid.But I miscarried yesterday at only 5 weeks.

I am being both open minded and optimistic and thought I would try something new as I have heard they have had some results with people ttc

OP posts:
granarybeck · 31/10/2006 21:41

sorry, have not used acupuncture for ttc, but have used it successfully (and was v surprised) for other reasons. Was referred by my gp on nhs too.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 31/10/2006 21:46

so did you get it on the NHS? Free?

OP posts:
ccpink · 31/10/2006 22:03

chocolate peanut -
I am soooooooooo sorry for you but at least you know you can get BFP! My best friend, who is trying IVF, has had accupuncture and says it is excellent. I went for reflexology instead, as not fond of needles! Hope you are okay.
Lots of hugs to you

granarybeck · 01/11/2006 16:38

yes i got it free on nhs. good luck, hope it works for you.

cityangel · 01/11/2006 16:55

I've had two sessions around OV time. I admit to being sceptical but willing to give everything a go. I recommend trying to find one that specialises in fertility if you are going for it.
Also make sure they are registered
Its a difficult one to say is working when not pg yet. She put very fine needles in you can barely feel them. She took a history and used a technique called "moxibustion." lighting an incense (dried herb moxa (mugwort) and balances on the needles above my ovaries. I am in two minds whether to go back.

cityangel · 01/11/2006 16:56

Forgot to ask ccpink what was the reflexology like?

jazzandh · 01/11/2006 18:49

I used acupuncture as part of a rebalancing hormone thing when ttc. My cycle went from 36 days to 31/32, definately made huge difference to pms as well, so while I cannot say it "got" me pregnant, I believe it rebalanced my system so gave my body the best possible chance of getting pregnant and maintaining it. I had acupuncture throughout pregnancy and found it very relaxing. I would give it a go if you can, it won't do you any harm....

Artoo · 01/11/2006 20:08


Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. hugs.

My SIL reckons acupuncture was the thing that worked to get her pg - she had it for about 3 months before getting her BFP. Her acupuncturist knew she was pg 3 days before the first +ve hpt. I have been seeing the same acupuncturist since December, and it's not worked for me yet, but we're dealing with male factor as well as female issues, and DH isn't brave enough to have needles stuck in him yet.

If nothing else, I find the acupuncture really relaxing, and that's got to be a good thing with all the stresses I'm going through at the moment.

I'll be getting acupuncture support when I have my first IVF cycle in the new year - my needle lady was telling me this evening that you can double your chances for a successful pregnancy with IVF if you have acupuncture at key points during the cycle. There's quite a lot of research been done into the positive effect of acupuncture on both male and female infertility.

Hope your session goes well on Thursday.


CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 01/11/2006 20:40

Thanks for all the support ladies,I will let you know how I get on!

OP posts:
ccpink · 02/11/2006 17:13

It was really relaxing - after the first session which made me feel a bit queasy as supposedly the toxins leave your body. It did start my periods too?! Expensive though

MrsMcJnr · 02/11/2006 17:26

So sorry ChocolatePeanut . I am considering what I'll try next cycle if AF arrives (due tomorrow). I was thinking about acupuncture, reflexology or reiki but I don't know anything about any of them and don't want to waste money, does anyone know what is most effective for TTC? We have been TTC for 5 months now. As you've all said, I'm sure all of them will be of benefit aside from TTC. Babydust to you all.

Natty1806 · 02/11/2006 18:10

Only just read this CP - so sorry for your loss.

Take care hun. x

fizzbuzz · 02/11/2006 18:36

I tried it after 2 unsuccessful months on clomid.
Conceived in third month.......yes it was expensive, but I could claim some of it back through a hospital fund I was in.
Had to drink really disgusting chinese herbs, but was worth it, dd is 4 months old today

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 02/11/2006 21:38

I went today.We chatted for half an hour about my health,lifestyle (everything for that matter)

The session started by inserting needles into just below my naval and above.Also several were placed in several places in my feet.It did not hurt, I felt the odd prick now and again but nothing painful.It felt so relaxing that I fell asleep! The practitioner then placed her hands on my temples for about 15 minutes and I felt a nice warm tingling feeling right through my body.She called this part 'unitive healing'.It cost £40 and I am going to have another session in a fortnight.She said people tend to have 3,5,8 or 10 sessions to begin with and then top ups every 3-4 months.

If it helps me concieve,stay pregnant,be healthy and have a healthy baby, then £40 a week is nothing.

OP posts:
fizzbuzz · 03/11/2006 09:01

Sounds pretty similar to waht I had. Best of luck.

MrsMcJnr · 03/11/2006 09:36

Does anyone know what stage in your cycle you should start?

fizzbuzz · 03/11/2006 13:04

mmm..... can't remember clearly, I think at start of your cycle, but not sure. I think they adjust your treatment according to whereabouts in your cycle you are. Hope this helps, phone one and see what they say

MrsMcJnr · 03/11/2006 16:04

Thank you

nickik · 05/11/2006 20:39

hi girls

Mine is a slightly different story
we have had 4 ivf attempts first one worked unfortuantely last 3 didn't BUT I have just finished having acupuncture with a Dr in Chobham and he has fantastic results. Think mine are purely down to not having good embryos but he is def worth trying
Great bedside manner, I do not like needles much but he made me feel v comfortable and positive
all the way through

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 06/11/2006 22:16

Good luck nickik!

OP posts:
Artoo · 07/11/2006 06:56

nickik - my acu told me that studies have shown that having acupuncture alongside an IVF cycle at the right times (before EC, and between EC and ET) can DOUBLE your chances of a successful IVF. So I wish you the best of luck, and hope things work out for you


nickik · 07/11/2006 13:20

hi artoo

unfortunately another fail for us so we are considering adoption

the dr I go to has made the clinic I go to almost 57% success rate with those who have aqupuncture

Artoo · 08/11/2006 12:45

Sorry to hear about your recent failure nickik


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