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sorry - not a nice question to ask but ivf after m/c

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DelGirl · 27/04/2004 13:59

hi - sorry this is not a pleasant question to ask but has anyone suffered a m/c after treatment and then tried again immediately after that cycle? For various reasons i want to try again this month - i.e start down regulating at day 21 this month and then start injections day
3 of the next cycle. Has anyone been given any advice about this please. I'm loathe to wait due to my age etc and the clinic has just told me they will be shut for the summer....great! Well, they will have limited embryologists available. Thanks

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bayleaf · 28/04/2004 17:55

I don't, but ask this question on the bulletin board at and someone will be able to tell you.
So sorry it had to happen to you - as if ivf isn't crap enough without losing the baby just when you've actually 'made it'.


DelGirl · 28/04/2004 19:23

thank bayleaf

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