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"Saliva Ovulation Microscope" Any one using one?

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Babymad2DS · 29/10/2006 20:33

On Friday I brought one of them "saliva ovulation microscope" off eaby £11.50 thats with post, waitting for it to come in the post. I am so sick of buying them dam wee on Ov-stick, so much money when you've been TTC along time (17 months). When I use the wee on ov-sticks I get upto nine +opk in a row, not good, so going to see how i get on with this!
Any body else using one!?

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desperate2bmum · 29/10/2006 21:21

have been trying to buy one babymad - missed the boat on the last one on ebay have emailed the woman for more.

there is one o there now for £15 plus postage but the other woman had one on there cheaper. hopefully il be joining you in monitoring fertility that way. let me know how you get on when it arrives.

Babymad2DS · 29/10/2006 23:15

Desperate2bmum Will do chick! And all the best in getting one!

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treacletart · 29/10/2006 23:40

I love mine! I've used it succesfully twice and following a MC I'm using it again. I've found I get better results in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning like they suggest. Seems pretty accurate and I love its "low-techness". I've read recently to maximise chances you should aim to have sex just before ovulation too, because sperm last longer than eggs. The fern patterns can last for maybe 4 days but if I remember right happen at/after ovlation. I actually used a combo of OPK strips and the microscope this month and the strips showed positive 2 days before the scope so guess that tallys. We took full advantage of all signs, but don't think it worked this month. Good luck!

Babymad2DS · 30/10/2006 07:32

Thanks treacletart, I'm looking forward to using it now.
Good luck to you too!

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oinker · 30/10/2006 12:10

I have used it too....

It worked for me Though still waiting for a viable pg (long story)

I still have it tucked away safely ready for its next use.


Babymad2DS · 31/10/2006 10:00

It's here started using it, just to get i feel of it, it's like having a new toy! LOL.

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desperate2bmum · 31/10/2006 15:46

ordered mine last night

hopefully it will be here just in time for ov

Babymad2DS · 06/11/2006 17:56

A bit puzzled I got a few ferns today, could you get ferns if, say you got a cold or sore throt? I've only been using it a few days, so very new to this, I'll try it again in a few hours see if I get any again!

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MrsMcJnr · 06/11/2006 19:33

Hello! Tell me about your new toys, if your CM is totally unreliable like mine and I can't tell anything from it, would the ferning be the same? Thanks ladies

poppiesmum · 06/11/2006 20:25

Good luck with the kit - I have really long cycles and was spending a fortune on ov kits too! The saliva test is really quick and easy, and I conceived after 2 periods! Will definately be using it to conceive again next time - all the best!

Babymad2DS · 07/11/2006 10:20

have a little pocket mini microscope, doesn't need batteries or anything, fit into handbag easy, I can use it over and over again, that's the part I love.

  1. I pull the mini microscope out of the holding case.
    2)use the cloth and clean the scope.
    3)add a small amount of salvia on my finger and apply to the slid. wait 5mins, to completely dry.
    4)re-insert mini microscope into holding case.
  2. hold up to light, and look through the eyepiece, you can adjust the lens to focused, to view your results.
    You have 3 picture to refer to, to see weather your, infertile, the transitory period or the fertile time in your cycle!
    Hope this helps MrsMcJur, I love using it! Just get use it at the moment tho!
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jabberwocky · 07/11/2006 10:24

I'm assuming this is the same as the Isis Scope. Very informative thread here


Babymad2DS · 07/11/2006 12:59

I'v got few ferns on my scope thing today, I believe I'm in the transitory period just before fertile period, wow, I love this thing!

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Babymad2DS · 07/11/2006 13:43

good link

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MrsMcJnr · 08/11/2006 12:30

Mine arrived today

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