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could I be?

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thirtysomething · 26/04/2004 07:35

Hi, currently ttc#3 and haven't had a period for over 6 weeks but the hpts I've tried (2 different makes) both say negative, although I have had some signs like cramping that I had with my first two. Does anyone know whether you can still be pregnant even if the tests say no? With the first two I got strong blue lines before I was even late!

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katierocket · 26/04/2004 07:52

I think you can have a false negative but not a false positive so maybe try again in a week.


Toothache · 26/04/2004 08:00

Thirtysomething - Katierocket is right... but if you are a couple of weeks late then they should be pretty accurate by now. How regular are your cycles normally? When was your AF due?

I'd go to your GP and have them do a test. Or, as KR suggests, wait a few days and test again. Although, if you're anything like me you'll probably do another 4 tests at home before going to the GP!

Good luck.


thirtysomething · 26/04/2004 08:22

thanks katie and toothache - I am a bit irregular so maybe I'll wait a bit longer and then go to the GP

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