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malinki · 23/04/2004 10:36

Hi, which Ovulation predictor kits are the best. I have just been on Clomid and finished my 1st cycle today. I have never monitored my Ovulation before other than the change in mucus. What are the stick tests that you can buy and are they any good, where do you get them from??? Thanks to anyone who can help.

OP posts:

gothicmama · 23/04/2004 10:48

I brough some from Boots ages ago(4 yrs) so perhaps go there Just really Bumping your message up


pollingfold · 23/04/2004 10:57

You can go online an buy, the week stick for a pack for 50 for about £30. If you were using the clearblue ones you can get in Boots they are £12 for 7 days, which just doesn't you get through a cycle if you're not sure when you ovulate and you have an irregular cycle. So can cost a small fortune, when you then add that to the cost of pregnancy tests as well

There are also saliva microscopes that some people use that you can also buy online, I'm sure someone will send you the links to them.

Whether one brand of stick is better than another, have no idea, the ones from the internet seemed good to me.



GillW · 23/04/2004 12:32

try here


Kay1 · 23/04/2004 12:37

Hiya - \link{\check this out

I have used this a few times and i think the cheap tests work just as well as the expensive boots ones - you can get clearblue ones from here too and they are cheaper.


Kay1 · 23/04/2004 12:38

oh - why didn't mine work out like yours Gill?? same place though!!!


twiglett · 23/04/2004 12:40

message withdrawn


GillW · 23/04/2004 13:42

Kay1 - I think you needed a } at the end of it.


AussieSim · 24/04/2004 13:23

Buy one once and not expensive:
Maybe Baby!

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