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three positive tests and af coming - could it be because of breast-feeding

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eclipse · 17/10/2006 19:52

Hi, I'm after a bit of advice/opinion. Dh and I decided to try for another baby a few months ago and I am still breast-feeding ds (18 months) before bedtime. af returned ages ago and I'm pretty sure I ovulate because I feel it and timing fits with af.
For three months in a row I've had a faint positive result on hpt followed by a negative the next day then af a day later. I really wanted to keep feeding ds but it looks like I'll have to stop to conceive because I have read that some people just can't seem to bf and be pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Natty1806 · 17/10/2006 20:09

That is strange, i can't help sorry, hope someone else can shed some light on this for you. x

eclipse · 18/10/2006 10:38

Thanks, Natty,
Maybe there isn't an answer. It's getting me down a bit because I don't want to stop breast-feeding for no reason, but if it's possibly preventing conception, I probably ought to because I'm knocking on a bit now. Maybe I'll try the breast-feeding group for info.

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FillyjonkthePumpkinEater · 18/10/2006 10:49

I am quite confident that bf should not produce a faint positive, sorry.

I am pretty sure that pg tests detect hgC, and that hgC is not especially prevalent round bf. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. Sorry.

If its any help, I got pg with dd while relying on bf as a contraceptive (don't do it kids!). Ds was 13 months. So it is possible.

there is a site people always recommend for this situation....I think it is kellymum?

FillyjonkthePumpkinEater · 18/10/2006 10:49

sorry, no its not, its kellymom

eclipse · 18/10/2006 11:49

Thanks for that, FillyjonkthePumpkinEater. My suspicion is that conception is happening but there's a problem with incomplete implantation. The kellymom site suggests that it's unusual but not impossible. I know lots of people have successfully, if unexpectedly, conceived while breastfeeding, but I think that's not going to be me.

OP posts:
FillyjonkthePumpkinEater · 18/10/2006 19:10

hope it gets sorted, eclipse.

that site says its rare to be unable to concieve while bf. not in my experience, I know 4 or 5 mums who have been unable to.

god how horrible to have this happen repeatedly, am so sorry.

FillyjonkthePumpkinEater · 18/10/2006 19:11

I know a lot of extended bf'ders though, btw-most of my rl friends are, in fact.

duchesse · 14/11/2006 22:41

Could it be that while you're breast-feeding the uterine lining doesn't build up sufficiently to allow the embryo to implant properly?

I got pregnant however while b/fing first child, with no period at all since his birth (he was still feeding 4-5 times a day), but I know that prolactin can in theory interfere with other hormone production (not sure which though- progesterone?)

Maybe there were other problems with your three embryos anyway- some very large proportion of conceptions never implants at all. I would think it would be a matter waiting for one that will stay put...

PrincessPeaHead · 14/11/2006 22:44

perhaps you should use persona to check the time of ovulation. you need a good 12 (ideally nearer 14) days after ovulation to enable implantation - if your af comes before then then you seem to be suffering from a short luteal phase, which would mean that an egg may well be fertilised but unable to implant (lining not thick enough). I don't know if BF has anything to do with this. I had a short luteal phase when trying for no 4 - I took agnus castus and vit b6 (I think?! must google to check) and got pregnant on the next cycle (they act to increase the luteal phase). Assuming you can take those while bf maybe try something like that first if you don't want to stop bf?

PrincessPeaHead · 14/11/2006 22:48

oh this is interesting refers to a bmj article which says that prolactin (produced while breastfeeding) may in some cases cause luteal phase defects (ie short luteal phase) which can be assisted by taking agnus castus.

sounds like a plan?

lemonaid · 14/11/2006 22:56

High prolactin levels (while bf) can disrupt hormone balance and cause you to be able to hang on to a subsequent pregnancy, although it's not normal. I know another would-be extended bfer who is currently weaning her DS after having five cycles end in chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage. She was nursing a lot, though, and you're only on once a day. In principle you could get bloodwork done to check your prolactin and progesterone levels, but I'm not sure you'd be able to get that done easily on the NHS.

foundintranslation · 14/11/2006 22:59

I have had 2 mcs while bf, but they had both implanted, i.e. both times there was a sac. The second time was a blighted ovum.

eclipse · 15/11/2006 19:54

I was just lurking here and saw my thread at the top again. Thanks for all these replies. I did have a luteal phase problem before my last pregnancy but a spell on the pill seemed to rectify things. Everything seems regular and normal with af but still no luck with pg. I was a regular persona-person in the past and ovulation is still around day 11-13. I have now stopped breastfeeding (4 weeks ago) although still seem to be producing milk if I give them a squeeze...
Having been told before ds that I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, ds was a blessing, but dh and I have both decided that if nothing happens naturally now, I won't have any investigations, which makes it less stressful somehow. So, we're at the wait and see stage and opting for the tried and tested 'fingers crossed' and loads of bd'ing method. It may be that the pregnancies that showed in the tests would not have taken anyway, regardless of breastfeeding. I just really wanted to be able to carry on feeding and conceive again but it wasn't to be. At least by weaning ds I'll be giving it my best shot.

OP posts:
PrincessPeaHead · 16/11/2006 08:04

well best of luck, eclipse

eclipse · 16/11/2006 19:45

Thanks PrincessPeaHead,
I've just read the stuff on agnus castus, and it looks interesting. I'm glad it worked for you. I'm still half wanting to have carried on breast-feeding but I'm knocking on a bit now and thought I ought to get on with ttc.
I'm sorry to hear about your mc's, foundintranslation. It's upsetting even at an early stage.
There's just so much uncertainty about the cause of any chemical pregnancy failing to develop. I know there's no way of knowing whether I had to give up breastfeeding. It will have been a shame if I still don't conceive.
I really appreciate everyone's help and suggestions.

OP posts:
feedmenow · 18/11/2006 16:02

Hi eclipse, don't want to put a downer on any of this but maybe you should do a bit more research on the agnus castus? I say this cos a month or so ago there were a few posts about the stuff and its positive properties but then someone found a website saying it wasn't good for pregnancy. I wish I could be a bit more specific about it, but I just can't remember more I'm afraid! Maybe you could start a new thread with agnus castus in the title cos I'm sure some of the other ladies on the Nov and Dec threads would know more....

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