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Increasing your chances of choosing the sex of your baby

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xoz · 16/04/2004 15:31

DH and I were discussing last night trying for #3. We have 2 dd's and would like to have a ds if we were to go again. I know there are things that you can do to increase your chances of picking the sex of the baby without resorting to medical intervention. BUT I don't know how it all works except that it has to do with the days of your cycle that you conceive... Does anyone know of a website that can give me the required info?

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xoz · 16/04/2004 15:53

What about a book or something???? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?????

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Blackduck · 16/04/2004 15:57

Try No idea if it works or not...


xoz · 16/04/2004 16:06

Thanx Blackduck
that looks like the sort of thing Ive heard about. I used to work with much older women who talked about it and reckoned it had worked for them but at the time I was far from interested so paid no attention!!!

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Blackduck · 16/04/2004 16:07

Good luck!


Nimme · 16/04/2004 16:09

Yes the book you want is called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (Waterstones ordered for me). Or check out website

You need to know your cycle for this and probably best to chart (see book/website) as it is based on the fact that male sperm is more feeble (yeah like we don't know that!!) than female and therefore doesn't survive as long - i.e. if you want DS you have sex on day of ovulation only.

I hope it helps - good luck


Allegra · 16/04/2004 16:19

There's also "How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby " by Dr. L. Shettles. Cant say if it works as haven't tested it (yet) but the book seemed sensible and detailed


malinki · 16/04/2004 16:25


I don't know if this works, a friend of mine said it did on concieving all 3 of her dc.

Have sex on day of ovulation - doggy style as the sperm is forced into your vagina, and your uterus is more open if your bum is stuck up in the air (conversations you have when your drunk and taking about getting pregnant), anyway thats for a boy.

For a girl missionary position either a couple of days before or after the peak of ovulation.

I think I'll give it a try. I would love a boy, ttc #2 I even dream of names for a boy. I'm too oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm off on one now, thinking that is........


xoz · 16/04/2004 16:31

Thanks for all the info. We're not really all that worried if we have another girl, but I guess it would be nice if it worked out. We've got a 50/50 chance at worst, which is not bad odds!

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Blu · 16/04/2004 17:00

DS was conceived smack on ovulation day, and when I told my GP that I knew what day of the cycle conception was she said "60% chance your baby will be a boy".

Did I read somewhere that eating lots of bananas and cutting out salty food helps?


bunny2 · 16/04/2004 17:07

Definately doggy style. Helps the weaker male sperms get to their target. I have the Toni Weschler book, if you dont buy it I'm happy to paraphrase the important bits for you, let me know.


smellymelly · 16/04/2004 17:26

See all my info on this, on the thread 'so what are the old wives tales for conceiving a boy or a girl?'

Diet rarely has any effect.

Definitely sex on day or day after ovulation, just the once - for a boy.

Sex at least 3 days or more before ovulation for a girl - unless you are using the 'vinegar that is'!!!!


smellymelly · 16/04/2004 17:31

Here it is.....

  • For a girl - use :1 part White vinegar mixed with 3 parts water.

  • For a boy - use: bi-carbonate of soda mixed with water (sorry do not know amounts but can find out if still int)

    Yes you have to put it where you think you do before you have sex! But be careful, use boiled water and sterilised equipment....

  • For a boy the women should orgasm first, as this will mean her environment will then be hostile to female sperm.

  • For a girl the women must not orgasm.

    I had also used the having sex days before ovulation to conceive a girl as I had read that too (in a book by Amber Grayson i think). But this is harder to get pregnant by, so after 3 months I tried the vinegar the day before I ovulated and got my girl!!!

    It is a known fact that men with low sperm counts tend to father girls, so that means lots of sex well before ovulation to lower it.
    And for a boy just to have sex once about 12 hours after ovulation I think.

Monkeysmum · 17/04/2004 06:45

Xoz, try reading Dr Shettles book as suggested by Allegra, if you do decide to use his method it does require quite a lot of effort before hand, keeping charts of your temperature every day and detailed notes about your cycle for a few months, basically so you can predict exactly when you are going to ovulate so when you actually start trying you are more likely to get your ds. Good news for you he says the odds on concieving a ds this way are higher than concieving a dd, as it's easier to get the timing right for a ds. We have 2 ds and would like to try for a dd, we're going to give it a go this way, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. (I ordered the book through Amazon)


xoz · 17/04/2004 22:29

Again thanks for all the info. I just looked up my council library catalogue and they have that Shettles book on shelf so I'll probably have a bit of a read of that and see how it goes. I've got to say I'm not so keen on the vinegar/bicarb soda idea. Maybe I'll try that for #4 if it these other ideas don't work for #3!

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