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anyone else been ttc for over 2 years?

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Madigan · 09/10/2006 11:10

Thought I might start a thread for anyone who has, like me, been ttc for a long time (nearly 3 years in my case).

Would also be great to hear from anyone who was ttc for long time, then got their bfp, to keep those positive vibes going ...

My stats:
Me - 34
DH - 36
TTC - nearly 3 years
DH - initially low sperm count (14 mil), now up to 60 mil (but 80% abnormal and borderline level of anti sperm antibodies)
Me - mild/moderate endometriosis (treated by laser in Oct 05)
Clomid: Dec 05-Feb 06 - BFN
IUI: Feb 06 and April 06 - BFN
Currently on 3rd cycle IUI (day 10 DPO)
If this doesn't work, IVF/ICSI in November 06 at ARGC.

Please join me for support in getting that elusive BFP ....

OP posts:
happyhippy · 12/10/2006 18:11

me 26
dh 41
ttc for 2.5 years
i have dd aged 6 from pr
have been on clomid for 2 months

Madigan · 13/10/2006 19:51

Hi Relax, Coggy, Happyhippy

Well yet another BFN for me this cycle . Am so used to it now.

Feeling down, but not too bad ... basically because I never really thought it would work, and always knew I would have to go on to IVF. So I will be going for a blood test next week and then its onto the IVF cycle. Please God let this work.

Relax - good luck with your IUI - all fingers crossed for you. I know exactly what you mean re the crystal ball - I just wish someone could tell us what the future holds .... meanwhile, for the next two weeks, make sure you relax and take good care of yourself. I'll be here if you want support - know exactly what you are going through.

Happyhippy, have you thought about further fertility treatment, or have you not got to that stage yet? Have you had any tests etc?

Coggy - hope you are keeping well XX

OP posts:
JennyLee · 13/10/2006 20:51

not ttc at moment but did take around 3 years to get ds, by which point i had given up. so it can happen dont lose hope

coggy · 14/10/2006 00:58

Feel for you Madigan.

relax · 14/10/2006 10:20

madigan- so sorry your iui was unsuccessful you must be so dissapointed. i , like you have always thought that ivf was the option we would be taking aswell . although we have 'unexplained infertility'i often wonder if i obsess about it so much that i stop it happening.
Anyway am feeling fine after the iui i keep thinking that i am getting dull aches in my pelvis don't know if i am imagining it but the hospital said this might happen.
will be keeping my fingers crossed for you madigan let me know how you get on at your next consultation . hope you get the baby you are longing for xx

CompostStar · 14/10/2006 22:21

Hi everyone,
me33, DH 43
TTC 3yr10mn (It's hard not to count isn't it)
I'm on my first IUI this month.
It's been so good hearing all your stories, peops going through the same stuff and peop's good news stories.
I really empathize with how hard it is to watch your friend's children grow and wander if you'll ever have your own.
I am finding the timescale scary, we want to give our best shot at treatment but also leave ourselves time to adopt while we still have plenty of energy left.
We are trying to decide how many sets of IUI to go for, whether to just do 2 before going on to IVF, or try more.

ShouldKnowByFriday · 14/10/2006 22:29

Madigan, sorry to hear this cycle hasn't worked. Would you consider injectibles before going onto IVF as the fsh preparation works directly on the ovaries and may suit you? Are you going to the ARG in Harley Street for treatment?

Peridot30 · 14/10/2006 22:41

Ithink most woman take it for granted that they will get pregnant really quickly! Would just like to wish you all best wishes and good luck.

My friend had 2IVF babies after trying for overr 8years and then concieved naturally. Never give up hope!

coggy · 15/10/2006 09:24

CompostStar..........are you paying for your IUI or having it on the NHS?

My cons. said that 4 cycles of IUI gave us the best chance and then to move onto IVF if necessary but all areas of the country seem to give different advice??!!

I hope it works for you first time.

CHICKEN2221 · 15/10/2006 09:46



happyhippy · 15/10/2006 16:37

madigan sorry for another BFN, i hope you get lucky with IVF, i have had BFN this week and as you say i am now used to it and actually expect it. me and dh have discussed other fertility treatment and have decided that we are lucky for the girls we have and it is obviously not ment to be, we have started looking in to fostering and adoption, i find it hard enough when i get a BFN i dont think i could try IUI and IVF and have it fail

Madigan · 15/10/2006 16:58

Hi everyone

very sorry about your BFN happyhippy - its such a downer isn't it? totally fed up with it.

SKBF - I don't know if its the same thing as what you are suggesting, but my first 2 cycles of IUI I did inject (purefon, I think). Is that the same thing??? The thing is that I know that I ovulate normally, and my FSH level is fine (5.2). I have a feeling that the problem is a combo of DH (high percentage of abnormal spermand anti-sperm antibodies) and my endometriosis. So not sure that injectibles alone would work.
I have now really set my mind on IVF - and am going to go ahead with it. Will find out this week whether I will be long/short protocol etc. Hoping and praying that this will finally work and that I will have a BFP by Christmas .... Yes, I am at the ARGC, which by all accounts is the best place to be.

OP posts:
CompostStar · 15/10/2006 17:10

Coggy...Have gone through NHS route, which has so far been free, but we need to pay for the IUI. Thanks for your info/advice!

ShouldKnowByFriday · 15/10/2006 22:13

Madigan, an fsh reading of 5.2 is fabulous!!! Mine on this cycle was 10.2 which is dismal but it worked. I am pleased you are going to a top clinic and not relying on the nhs or a clinic you are unhappy with. So you are psyched up for IVF, I wish you lots of luck and will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Madigan · 15/10/2006 22:27

thanks SKBF. will keep you posted. let me know how you get on on Thursday - thinking of you.

OP posts:
duchesse · 20/10/2006 22:46

Hi everyone,
I have just miscarried at 13 weeks after trying for over three years (since June 2003). I had an ERPC on Wednesday. I have three older children, all born in my twenties, and have been trying for a much-wanted fourth child with the same partner.

I am feeling very down about the miscarriage at the moment. We have not sought treatment, and am trying to be fatalistic about possibly never having another baby, but it is hard. The only way I know to go forwards to just move on and carry on as before- I can't face acknowledging that I might actually have a problem.

I think it is going to be another rocky road but there is too much hope in me somewhere to give up on the idea completely.

I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling that strong at the moment.

coggy · 20/10/2006 23:18

Oh sorry for you.
That's very hard for you.........

CompostStar · 23/10/2006 18:44

Went for first IUI today. I felt quite strong until I had to dress into one of those gowns that doesn't cover your bum, then I felt completely dis-powered, like a child. Why do they do that to us!

Duchesse, so sorry to hear your news... thinking of you

coggy · 23/10/2006 20:29

Apart from the bum-showing ( I will prepare myself for that!!) how did you feel?

Were they 'pleased' with you and how you've responded?

relax · 24/10/2006 09:02

coming to the end of my two week wait from my first iui. having stomach pains off and on. really dont think it has worked as i dont feel any different. hay ho maybe next month. will have my 1st glass of wine for a month when af starts . How is everyone else doing ???
good luck on your 2 week wait compostar

coggy · 24/10/2006 09:03

I hope it stays away for you Relax.

Sticki · 24/10/2006 14:40

Fingers all crossed for you Relax. Hang in there. Hope the horrid AF stays away.

In 2ww of natural cycle, so we'll see next week. Although we did everything posible to make it work this month, I know its unlikely that we will get a bfp given our history. But heres hoping....

Babydust too all x

mistlethrush · 24/10/2006 15:15

It took 6 years for us to end up with perfect ds, so don't give up trying!

After 3 yrs got to top of IVF list, then mc at 9wks - not allowed to do anything for 18months + due to resultant problems, then given 6 months to try naturally before IVF starting - test +ve 3 days before appointment to set start date for IVF. 36 when ds born.

Got pregnant the week after I handed my notice in at a job I wasn't enjoying - so that might have had something to do with it.

Best of Luck everyone!

relax · 30/10/2006 11:31

my af was due to start on thurs. not here yet. thought it was coming on sat so had 2 glasses of wine !!!!oops. am not allowed to take a preg test till weds as had hcg injection before my iui which can give a false positive.have been having stomach cramps off and on but no af. boobs are sore but they are always like this before af. ......whats going on?????

coggy · 30/10/2006 19:35

Keep us informed won't you?

Fingers crossed here at Coggy's house..........

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