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can anyone help - antidepressants & getting pregnant

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katierocket · 16/04/2004 08:45

hope someone can help.

I have one DS (2.6) and am really desperate to get pregnant. DP is on antidepressants and it makes it really difficult for him to ejaculate. ANyone any experience of this? sorry to be so graphic but sometimes he just can't do it no matter what IFYKWIM and obviously if that happens to be on a fertile day then we've had it.

I know I shouldn't winge about it as very lucky to have one child but I really want to get pregnant and it just seems as though it's never going to happen as long as he's on ADs.

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LipstickMum · 16/04/2004 08:50

Hi Katie, what a difficult situation to be in. I don't have any experience of this myself but I would suggest he, or both of you go and discuss this with your doctor. Dp may be able to come off the ad's for a few months or perhaps be given a different type which doesn't affect his ability to ejaculate. Whatever you do re the drugs, definitley consult your doctor first


katierocket · 16/04/2004 09:24

I think it's a good idea to go to GP but not sure I'll be able to persuade him to go. I just know his attitude will be a kind of embarrassed "it'll be Ok, it'll sort itself out" kind of approach, which means it could go on for ages

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katierocket · 16/04/2004 22:47

hope no-one minds if I bump this up so can see if anyone has got any experience of this.

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