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OK, so if I want to start ttc in June, what should I do now?

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miranda2 · 15/04/2004 22:34

Last time (3.5 years ago) I came off the pill 3 months in advance, and for those 3 months temp charted (for the first month - never got the hang of it and was pretty sure I was ovulating bang on day 14), took vitamin tablets and didn't drink. Can't remember if I did anything else.
Well... its only a month and a half till I intend to start trying (complicated timing reasons re career etc mean it musn't be due before March, allowing for possibility of being prem...). So too late for the full 3month thing even if it is worth doing. I'm still taking the pill, mainly because since having had ds I find condoms quite painful to use and have no intention of not having sex for 3 months!! Do you think I should stop the month before, or just come off at the end of May? I'm pretty sure I started ovulating immediately last time - in fact I suspect I ovulate whilst on the pill from mucus etc.
I've started taking the Pronatal Sanotogen vitamins. Am hardly drinking as I've been weightwatchering, (have stopped now, having lost a stone and now size 12!!!!). Might have the odd glass (1 or 2 in a night, at most once a week), but no more than that.
Anything else I should be doing/not doing? I can't remember all the stuff I read last time and I've leant all the books etc to friends, sisters etc!!

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hana · 15/04/2004 23:08

miranda, sounds like you are very well sussed on what you should be doing to prepare for ttc!! Don't know anything about coming off the pill.... but have you also looked at you partner's diet/health etc? My dh has been taking a zinc supplement for a few months now to enhance sperm production, then there is the whole smoking and drinking and healthy eating for the men too. And no tighty whities!
come over and join us on ttc
lots of luck


Kay1 · 16/04/2004 08:48

Hi Miranda, sounds like you are doing all the right stuff already.

My GP told me it's ok to take pill up to the time you want to start ttc and no real need to take a break - i know others think differently but i had no real problems when i got pg the first time, having just come off pill.

Best wishes xx


LipstickMum · 16/04/2004 09:00

Hi Miranda, Good luck ttc! We are debating whether or not we should do the same...


twiglett · 16/04/2004 09:16

message withdrawn


808state · 16/04/2004 09:52

Resist the temptation to either temp chart or use opk's and especially so if your cycles become more erratic after being on the pill. Charting and opk's also have disadvantages in that these methods in themselves can be misleading!.

Take a folic acid tablet and make sure your rubella immunity is up to date.

If you have ever had a history of irregular cycles and/or painful periods would actually mention this to the doc now so that the causes can be ascertained.

Make love when you both feel like it even though you might be thinking you are missing ovulation.

Zinc supplements can help with general health but are really of not much if any use for increasing sperm counts. There are too many complex and chemical processes involved in such production for simple remedies to have any long term effect on.

The pill stops ovulation from happening whilst on the pill. Mucus production will still take place and this in itself is not a sign of ovulation. Once you stop taking it the pill it will only take a short time to leave your system.


twiglett · 16/04/2004 09:56

message withdrawn


Hulababy · 16/04/2004 09:59

I would come off the pill now, and use other precautions for a while to get the Pill out of your system, and your natural cycle back on track.

Take folic acid

Get some regular exercise/eat healthily (and DH/P)

I had my immunity to rubella checked too but this was probably done before your last child???


bighug · 17/04/2004 01:08

but you do often ovulate when on the mini-pill. Interesting about the mucus being produced anyway, I didn't know that.

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