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Call me crazy

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meanmum · 13/04/2004 20:47

Call me crazy but I'm wanting to start trying for the next (and last) child. I just wondered if anyone knew when you could expect to get your first period after giving birth. DD is 9 weeks old tomorrow and I haven't had one yet. I bled for about 4 weeks even though it was very light for the last 2 weeks. I'm not breast feeding at all and haven't been since about the first week of her birth. I breastfed ds for six months so didn't get it until I finished breastfeeding him.

I haven't had one yet and am just wondering how long it takes for your body to get back into line so I can start planning.

OP posts:

Angeliz · 13/04/2004 20:49

You're crazy


Angeliz · 13/04/2004 20:51

Only joking

I don't know the answer but couldn't resist!!

Good luck+++++++


Flip · 13/04/2004 20:53

Are you sure it's not just a hormonal reaction meanmum? I felt like that after both of mine but luckily dh calmed me down. ds2 is almost twenty weeks and I still feel like that now on occasions but I know I need to wait a little while.


meanmum · 13/04/2004 20:59

It's definitely hormonal. I have thought about it rationally though and just want to get it over and done with. I want three and I really want to do it so they're close together and figure I may as well just get on with it. It took me 12 months to fall pregnant with dd so am expecting it to take that long at least with the next one as well.

OP posts:

Lisa78 · 13/04/2004 21:00

Think the medical advice is to wait 12 months after pregnancy before conceiving again, Crazymum, I mean meanmum!


mears · 14/04/2004 21:16

I planned thenext pregnancy while still in the delivery room Actually took 9 months to conceive DS2 however fell pregnant 'accidentally' when he was 7 months old with DS3 because I thought it would take as long again. You can plan nothing


kid · 15/04/2004 20:50

While I was still in labour with dd I was saying 'I could do this again!' but that didn't mean I wanted to right away! I ended up a c-section with her and was advised to wait 12 months to allow the wound to heal completely. I fell pregnant with ds 2.5 years later.


popsycal · 15/04/2004 20:52

as the midwife was weighing ds, i said the dh that I could do this again in 9 months....was serious too!


hana · 15/04/2004 20:54

I think everyone is different with getting their periods back after a birth (there was another thread on this very thing just today) Took me 8 months to get them is very soon to have another.......but everyone has their 'plan' don't they? Best of luck meanmum!


twiglett · 15/04/2004 20:54

message withdrawn

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