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when to test

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bubble78 · 29/09/2006 12:09

hi i am not due on till 14th october what is he earliest i can test to see if im pregnant im so excited i cant wait.

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incy · 29/09/2006 12:16

4 days before period due with either first response or clearblue. Would say (and says on packet) that not always 100% accurate the earlier you test so if you want a definite may be worth waiting until your period is due. Also, depends on where you ovulated in your cycle. I ovulated on day 20 and so was about 6 days after AF due before I got a positive as it takes 10-14 days after conception for your hormone levels to rise sufficiently to show up. So in other words, do test early but remember it is not always accurate !

bubble78 · 29/09/2006 12:26

thanks incy i will see if i can wait. its my second child but so excited about having another i want to know now ( bit like having to peek at xmas pressies before xmas day)got to tests so may do one early then the other after af due

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incy · 29/09/2006 12:50

Yes I was really excited as well (also no 2 !) -I did one early, one the day after AF due and both negative. Took a week with no AF before finally positive. Good luck X

divamummy · 30/09/2006 21:09

hi bubble78,
im also not due till 10th, and i tested today. it was negative. i also have dd 17m in october, and im also so impatient.

bubble78 · 01/10/2006 11:59

well i did a test aswell and it was negative too.. but will try wait till see if AF is late then do another test will keep you informed and you let me know how you get on

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jabberwocky · 01/10/2006 12:02

ClearBlue digital is a good one to try when you're ready.

divamummy · 01/10/2006 14:23

probably buy clearblue or boots make one.
bubble78,yes i will let you know,too
take care, and be patient

bubble78 · 01/10/2006 16:06

it was the boots one i used but it was a 2 pack so will save other till time is right

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bubble78 · 02/10/2006 10:02

just bought a pack of 5 tests off ebay so i can keep testing now if they work

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divamummy · 02/10/2006 10:40

you mean, you cant wait? btw what is the AF?
i bought 2tests for £1 from Poundland. i got one left so i think ill wait another week or more and test.
you sound like me, im already looking for maternity clothes

trace2 · 02/10/2006 10:48

good luck to you both, dont test to early

bubble78 · 02/10/2006 11:41

af is auntie flow ( period) hope i dont have one for 10 months

OP posts:
divamummy · 02/10/2006 12:27

haha, we wish,
i think we will be doing bun in the oven race
who is going to be first? i wonda?
spotted u on positive october,too

saf1 · 02/10/2006 13:32

WOW Bubble somone as impatient as me!! Hurrah!!

My DH keeps telling me to wait until AF is due (11th Oct) but I'm just counting the days away until then.
I tested far too early last month and then AF arrived.

So as this will be my 3rd I am going to wait or at least try to wait until day AF due.

Fingers crossed and lol and luck to all

divamummy · 02/10/2006 19:09

Hi Saf1,
Welcome to our impatients club

bubble78 · 03/10/2006 09:20

well i go on hol on saturday and travel back the day AF due.. so will log straight in when i get back see how you all done and update you on mine i know im going to be testing every day on hol..

OP posts:
saf1 · 03/10/2006 10:15

Thanks for the welcome Divamummy.

Still counting...tick tick tick

bubble78 · 03/10/2006 11:36

hello saf 1

we should call this the impatient group i done another test this morn still negative
so i am not going to do another test till AF due

what am i saying i know i wont last that long it will probably be in another couple of days

OP posts:
saf1 · 03/10/2006 12:42

dON'T KNOW IF THIS HELPS BUT WITH MY DD2 i had a test via gp and it came back negative so waited til 2 days past AF and had a positive on a home test kit. I think there are certain hormones that only show up to make a positive pregnancy test later on.
So I would try and hold on until next Tuesday or Wednesday if you can.
I'm defo trying to ..she says trying to convince herself it'll be worth the wait.
Have had slight AF feelings today though NOT what I want to be feeling at all.
So don't do any more testing as you'll just get disappointed and it'll work out cheaper in the long run just waiting as you won't have to keep buying loads of kits.

divamummy · 03/10/2006 13:17

yes, defo impatient ttc club
i havent checked since last satruday. and promised i will be good girl and not testing till AF day or after.
sound silly, but im 99%sure im pg
so roll on week

lovelylou · 03/10/2006 13:31

how long have you been trying. I have just started trying for my second and also very excited

saf1 · 03/10/2006 14:51

OOh I hope you are taht would be fab!!

I came off my pill mid packet had taken 10 days worth of pills and this subsequently messed up my cycle for August ended up having 2 AFs. One I think was not AF just bleed after finishing pills.Not sure really??? Then had AF after 27 days and I had been like a clock every 28 days bang on 7am.So I'm praying that I worked out my OV dates correctly but i'm not temping or anything else yet as it still seems like early days.

What about everyone else?

I did read on another thread about Red Clover? I think helping fertlity. Does anyone know??

Anyway keeping fingers crossed for everyone still.
(Not quite sure how the little faces work as I can only work the smiley one as i'm new to this and all the abbreviations.)

bubble78 · 03/10/2006 15:28

took my last pill in july then waited till i had had septembers AF then started BD like mad ..

so hope i am this month its just been such a big decission to make after my son is autistic so it was a big decision to have another child but we are trying so hope to get pregnant asap then i cant change my mind ....

roll on 14th october

OP posts:
MUSA · 03/10/2006 19:29

Bubble78 i wish you all the luck, i know how you feel. My son is also autistic and i also felt that i was not gonna have any more.

Me and dh also changed our minds to, i have also started ttc, how old is your son?.

bubble78 · 03/10/2006 19:59

he is 3 and a half still non verbal but making progress all the time how about yours???? will this be your first after your autistic son? its a big decision but i hope it will be worth it

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