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melliek · 30/03/2004 14:42

Hey all, after giving up hoplessly, I think I might be preggers. Is it possible to have pos before your AF is even due? I ov on the 18th of this month and BD. The following week had red spotting so, out of curiousity tested. It was faint pos. My AF is not due until this sun and i've done 5 tests...4/5 are faint pos. Can something go wrong between now and then?

OP posts:

M2T · 30/03/2004 14:50

Hi melliek. I had a faint positive 6 days before AF was due. They got steadily stronger each day I did one until the actual day of my AF where I got the strongest positive line. I ended up doing 8 tests!

I was worried about the stories about all the times in your life where you MIGHT have been pg, but a miscarriage starts on the 1st day your AF would have been due. So you would never know you were pregnant if you hadn't have tested too early. IYKWIM??

Do another test tomorrow morning or wait until Thursday morning..... you'll notice it'll be a stronger line then you know the HCG hormone is increasing and the pg is becoming a firm reality.

I spoke to a midwife after my 2nd positive as I was due a smear. She said to wait and test again when my AF was due. Then she added with a smile "but I think it's highly unlikely your AF will arrive."
If it's a reassurance for you I am now nearly 22 wks pg.



bluestar · 30/03/2004 14:54

melliek, first of all congratulations
It is early to test but as we have seen over and over, some people do get a positive way before af and some people have to wait for a week or so after af is due. I think the best thing to do now is stop testing and wait til Sunday and see how strong the line is then (hard I know). I am sure everything will be fine but I have been told that anything can happen between implantation and a positive test on the day af is due. I am sure that's why most pg tests ask you to wait until af is due (otherwise think of the money they could make 'exploiting' those of us that would test everyday after ov!!). Hope this doesn't sound gloomy as it definitely sounds right now like you are pg!! Good luck x


malinki · 30/03/2004 15:20

Melliek, I hope congrats are seriously in order, I am new to the list (joined last week) and am in the same situation, I go back to the quacks on Friday to discuss the possibility of me been preggers, this is 2 weeks after seeing my GP with all my faint line positive tests, she didn't say I wasn't, so watch this space...........


lou33 · 30/03/2004 16:05

I had a postive result 5 days before I was due. Tentative congratulations!


bunny2 · 30/03/2004 16:41

Hey Melliek, hi, good to hear from you. I tested positive a couple of days before af, like M2T I used 8 tests until I got a line I was really satisfied with. If you ovd on 18th you must be 12 dpo, a pregnancy should show up on a test at this stage but it is still very early days so carry on being cautious. I think congratulations are in order!!

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