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I'm New and need some help - Faint Blue Line

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malinki · 29/03/2004 16:06

I just want to say hi to everyone and want some help/advice. I suffer with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and conceived my daughter, now 3 1/2 years old through Metformin (a drug used to control some of the side effects). God only knows how I got pregnant last time (well God and my husband and I am not religious, although after writing this I think I will become religious).

I was feeling under the weather with a cold that I cannot seem to shift, so went to the chemist and bought some sudafed tablets. This didn't work and I was due a period sometime around last week, so I did a test. When I looked at the test I saw a very faint line, so did the other test (pack of 2) 4 hours later and this was negative. My heart and head were all over the place, so darling hubby went out and bought another kit. Di the 1st test in the morning and hubby looked at it, it was Negative, so that night I did the other one and hey presto, very faint line in positive box, what the hell is going on I thought, so called my GP, went last Friday, armed with pg tests and handed them over to her. Her words, although very concerned, were go away for 2 weeks and think you are pregnant????? So I have and I am due back this Friday to see her. Has this ever happened to anyone on this list and if so what were your outcomes, honestly my first daughter was a miracle, and I am a big girl now.

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Twinkie · 29/03/2004 16:11

Do the test first thing in the morning - the hormone that is in your wee needs to be quite concentrated at the beginning and if you have weed recently or drunk lots it could come up negative when ti really is a positive.

As they say 'you can get a false negative but not a false positive' and 'a line is a line is a line'

Oh and try the digital one - first thing inthe mornign mind you - it just says pregnant or not pregnant - lots easier to understand than faint lines!!


Twinkie · 29/03/2004 16:11

Good luck - hope you get just what you want honey!!

You can join us all on the November thread!!


Azure · 29/03/2004 16:13

I have no personal experience of this - but think congratulations are in order Malinki Different tests have different sensitivities. It is possible to get a false negative but I understand not to get a false positive. Best of luck to you.


pollingfold · 29/03/2004 16:15


I ahve no experience of mixed up messages, but they do say a positive is a positive. Are you saying that over the past 2 weeks you have managed to restrain yourself from testing everyday, hourly just to find out. They normally say wait 3 days if your AF hasn't arrived, not 2 weeks!!!!
You must have the patience of a saint. go to shops now and buy a test. Fingers crossed that it is the news you want

Fingers crossed,


malinki · 29/03/2004 16:22

Thanks to you all. My problem is (forgot to tell you all) is that because of PCOS my periods are not 28-35 days as the norm, but can be 28-67 days, but my GP after telling her of my current side effects, hot poker boobs, tired all day and all night, no period as yet (and I'm praying - back to the religious part again) still believes i could be pregnant, but I have had no morning sickness, just a funny fluttering in my pelvic area, comes and goes, never permantly there, almost like a very faint kicking (for those of you who already have been successful enought to have children..... I have tested loads £60.00 worth I reckoned up today and I still have another test to do which I am planning on doing on Wednesday morning, unless my fingers start walking to the drawer where I've put it.

OP posts:

pollingfold · 29/03/2004 16:44

So where are you in your cycle i.e when you say that are due a period are you 35 days or 50days? Understand about the PCOS - there are quiet a few of us here with it.

Lots of poeple will I'm sure suggest different brands but the first response is supposed to be good at picking up low levels of the pregnancy hormones. As you have already done, they say doing the test with the first wee of the day is best

Your symtoms (boobs and tired)sounds like pregnancy, but you're unlikely to feel flutterng until 4 months. Oh I do hope that you have good news.


katzguk · 29/03/2004 17:04


i got two false negatives (one day) then the next day a positive, i read the packet better the thrid time!!! i know you've done lots of tests but some are really sensitive and if you wee too much then they don't work, think that was my problem, sounds horrid but was told best thing to do is to catch it and then test not try to pee on it, just a suggestion,


Jennyb851 · 29/03/2004 18:25

I had that with ds. Did the test and couldnt decide whether there was a line or not, thought i was imagining it, shoved the test in my bag and forgot to throw it away. Four days later after going to the clinic and being told yes i was pregnant i took out the test and there it was! a big blue line. Took four days to develop so you never know. Good luck anyway


Chandra · 29/03/2004 18:55

Malinki, I have a cousin that also suffered of PCOS, they were trying to get pregnant for 5 years, finally conceived a girl and 2 months after the birth she realised she was pregnant again, so yes it could be, the problem of having PCOS is that you never know for sure when are you fertile, it may be that you just choose one of those lucky days. congratulations if that's the case


bunny2 · 29/03/2004 19:50

Malinki, I hope you are pregnant, it definately sounds like a possibility. I have been having problems conceiving and was taking clomid. When my period was due I started testing (8 tests in all) and the results ranged from neg to faint positive to definate positive over a few days. I wasnt convinced until I got a really dark line. but it did take a few days. If you can bear to leave it till Wednesday, you should get a clearer result - use early morning wee as it is the strongest concentration of the pregnancy hormone. Good luck.


Spod · 29/03/2004 20:45

i did a test when pregnant with my dd.... i didnt read the instructions properly so when only a really really faint line appeared i assumed it was negative... my dh read the pack and made me go and buy a different brnd and do another.... which read positive, so i did another and it was positive! we got one of those tests that reckon they can detect preg before period is due....maybe worth a go..... good luck


malinki · 30/03/2004 13:46

I tried the Clear Blue Digital and i'm not sure how this one works, as the result came up Negative/Not pregnant but when I took the strip out, there were 2 clear visible blue lines. Still got to go the see my GP on Friday and I'm not sure whether or not to take this one with me.
What should I do. As on the packet I'm sure I've read can be used with or without the digital thingy

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